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Western Animation / Bungle Brothers

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The Bungle Brothers was a short series of bumpers on The Kwicky Koala Show, unlike the usual set of the show as Three Shorts. They were brief gags that would air before each longer segment.

In each segment, George and Joey would practice their latest performance in a circus or vaudeville-type setup. As their name implies, one way or another something would happen to bungle it up.

All right, Joey, let's show the people our tropes.

  • Alliterative Name: While individually not so, as a team name Bungle Brothers qualifies.
  • And Call Him "George"!: Joey's temperament is clearly patterned after Lenny Small of Of Mice and Men; as such, George is his George.
  • Crossover: While they were originally a solo effort at the beginning, over the course of the season, characters from Kwicky Koala, Dirty Dawg and Crazy Claws sometimes showed up in the segments.
  • The Ditz: Joey is far from the smartest dog in the world.
  • Epic Fail: Joey is prone to these kind of endings to whatever the stunt was supposed to be.
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  • Funny Animal: Both George and Joey.
  • Punny Name: Given that they are the Bungle Brothers, this is obvious.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: George, vis-à-vis Joey.
  • Three Shorts: Three Bungle Brothers cartoons were in each half hour, one before each of the three other cartoons.