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This Hanna-Barbera series was another in the studio's 1960s action lineup. Moby Dick features the adventures of Moby Dick the Super Whale with his friends Tom and Tubb and Scooby the Seal. The two boys were blown away from their uncle's exploration boat and rescued from sharks by the giant white whale, who becomes their guardian against the numerous perils of the ocean.

This series so highly deviated from Herman Melville's book Moby-Dick that it might as well be In Name Only, unless our lead himself only is named after said book without actually being the same whale.

In his original series, Moby Dick shared a half hour with Mighty Mightor.



  • Action Series: One of several produced by Hanna-Barbera in the 1960s, with an underwater theme.
  • Black Knight: Probably the most unusual threat the boys faced, what with the environment the show chose. One of them shows up with an underwater castle, an army of soldiers and trying to capture a mermaid to lock her up in his tallest tower. From the episode "The Shimmering Screen".
  • Catchphrase: "Gerono-Moby!"
  • Crossover: With Space Ghost in his Council of Doom arc. Jan, Jace and Blip get rescued by Moby and friends.
  • Glad He's on Our Side: In the episode "The Sinister Sea Saucer". Tug says this about Moby after Moby blows away a giant enemy manta ray.
  • Historical Hero Upgrade: Inverted. The titular whale in the original novel is written from the perspective of 1850s whalemen, framed as a legendary, almost Satanic monster. The real whale he was based off of, Mocha Dick, was anything but aggressive. Reports say he was actually curious and docile, and was finally killed attempting to protect another whale and her calf from a group of whalers. Hanna-Barbera's adaptation is more faithful to the Gentle Giant nature of the cetacean.
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  • In Name Only: If you were expecting a faithful adaptation of Melville's book, this is the wrong cartoon for you. However, it could also be that this Moby himself is named after the whale in Melville's book. As in truth the series works fine without any knowledge of the book at all.
  • The Juggernaut: Moby is a nigh-unstoppable force of nature that always comes to the boys aid and triumphing over their adversaries.
  • Kid Sidekick: Two of them: Tom and Tubb.
  • Monster of the Week: Moby had to fight plenty.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: Scooby the Seal is one, as Moby himself is the star. The rest of the cast are his sidekicks.
  • Origin Story: As detailed before each episode, Tom and Tubb get stranded from their uncle's ship and are surrounded by menacing sharks, but Moby comes to their rescue and befriends them. How exactly they meet Scooby is never stated.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: Moby's shown in a few episodes to have the very Aquaman style power to talk to other sea life to get specialized help (swordfish or sawfish to stab or cut the kids free, for instance) in a pinch.
  • Superhero: Kind of odd to think of Moby-Dick in this way, but he is one here, especially with how many of the dangers Moby has to protect the boys come from comic-style supervillains who'd be right at home battling Aquaman instead.
  • Swallowed Whole: Both in a more "protect us Moby" fashion and in a more nefarious one where in the episode "The Sea Monster". Tug is swallowed by the title monster and finds that its interior is hollow.
  • Threatening Shark: They appear not only in the origin story but also in several episodes.
  • Three Shorts: The show ran on this format. This was the middle segment between two Mighty Mightor cartoons.
  • Trapped in Another World: Effectively, since the boys are in the middle of "uncharted waters" (whatever that meant even in 1967) and never try to make their way to back to land to rejoin civilization.
  • We Will Meet Again: Most defeated villains promised to get revenge for their defeat. The series didn't run long enough for any of this to prove true.