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This Hanna-Barbera series was another of the studio's 1960s action lineup. Mighty Mightor featured the adventures of Mightor and his pet, Tog, in a prehistoric setting. Mightor is in reality Tor, who received a magic club for rescuing an old hermit from a rampaging dinosaur. He need only raise the club and yell "Mightor" to change into a prehistoric superhero complete with flight and Super-Strength.

In his original series, Mightor shared a half hour with Moby Dick.


  • Action Series: Another of several produced by Hanna-Barbera in the 1960s.
  • Ambiguously Human: The main characters are human, but most of the villains are only vaguely so, looking like squat neanderthals with monstrous features (like fangs, pointed ears, red or yellow eyes, or green skin). Sometimes they're expressly called by names that suggest they're not human, like the Cavern Creatures.
  • Aside Glance: Ork, Little Rok's bird that he uses as a steed, gives many in reaction to Little Rok's antics.
  • Carry a Big Stick: Mightor has a magical club that changes him from his Secret Identity into his heroic form and can shoot various forms of energy (as well as just plain hitting things with it).
  • Clark Kenting: To an extreme level. Mightor is Tor, Tor always disappears when Mightor appears. Tor has a pet dinosaur named Tog, Mightor has an identical-looking but slightly-larger pet dinosaur also named Tog who can breathe fire. Even in a prehistoric setting, it is unreal no one ever figured out this "secret".
  • Crossover: With Space Ghost in his Council of Doom arc. Space Ghost is accidentally zapped into the past and is saved by Mightor and Tog.
  • Damsel in Distress: Sheera is kidnapped multiple times by the villains. In "The Sea Slavers", every woman of the village was captured and held hostage.
    • Damsel out of Distress: Then subverted when the villain grabbed Sheera, held the point of a spear to her throat, and declared "You can't hurt me, I have your women!"... and she immediately disarmed him, and she and the rest of the women proceeded to beat the crap out of him and throw him off his own boat. Mightor just stood and watched, smiling.
  • Distressed Dude: Little Rok is also sometimes captured by the villains. Tor himself even got kidnapped once, and captured several times (often when trying to follow Little Rok without transforming first).
  • Dinosaurs Are Dragons: Tog has wings like a dragon, which no dinosaur (birds included) is known to sport, and gets a fire-breathing upgrade as part of the club's power. The dinosaurs shown in "Battle of the Mightors" are also six-limbed, with four legs and wings.
  • Domesticated Dinosaurs: Tog is a pretty tame one. Ork the Dodo and Bollo the Mammoth could also be seen as examples.
  • Evil Laugh: Almost all of the villains have one.
  • Evil Twin: In "Battle of the Mightors", Ogar returns disguised as Mightor to try to trick the villagers into thinking that Mightor has gone evil.
  • Expy: Mightor is a rather blatant expy of The Mighty Thor, due to the show having originally been intended to be a Thor series. Magic weapon turns an ordinary harmless person into a hero of mythological proportions? It's all there. It's even in the name:Mighty Thor. The main difference is his backstory, which more closely resembles Captain Marvel than Thor.
  • Flying Brick: Mightor's primary powerset.
  • Handsome Heroic Caveman: The eponymous character was a prehistoric superhero with an idealized Captain Marvel-ish physique. He is the Older Alter Ego for teenage caveman Tor (no relation to the comic book character Tor, the Mighty Orbot named Tor, or Tor Johnson), who, along with his girlfriend Sheera (no relation to She-Ra), also fit this trope.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Tor likes Sheera but she only cares about Mightor, who of course happens to be Tor.
  • Hollywood Prehistory: Cavemen and dinosaurs both exist — even the hero's sidekick is a (winged!) dinosaur. "The Mightiest Warrior" centers around fighting one, and "The Island of the Dinosaurs" takes place (as the title suggests) on an island filled with them. Those aren't the only examples.
  • Irisless Eye Mask Of Mystery: Mightor's mask does this, but in this case his transformation is already magical. (Little Rok has a homemade copy of the mask, and a second one for his bird Ork, but their eyes are clearly visible through the masks)
  • Kid Sidekick: Little Rok dreams of being this, and tries but usually fails.
  • The Load: Little Rok is this so much that Mightor himself even muses, "Oh no, not Little Rok again," in some episodes. To be fair, he seemed to get better as the show went on, able to at least act as a distraction while Mightor cleaned house. By the time of "The Missing Village" (the second-to-last episode), he was able to defeat several Stone Men and rescue both Tor and Sheera on his own.
  • Monster of the Week: Some of Mightor's enemies are this.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: Tog for Mightor/Tor, Ork for Little Rok, Bollo for Sheera.
  • Origin Story: As detailed after the opening theme, Tor saves an ancient hermit, who gives him a club that allows him to become Mightor and allows Tog to breathe fire.
  • Rogues Gallery: Rogg and The Stone Men, Gorg and Brog the Mountain Men, The Serpent Queen, etc. Most of them were one-and-done villains, but a few came back for a second try.
  • Superhero: Mightor is a prehistoric example.
  • Super-Strength: Good God, is Mightor damn strong. At the end of "The Island of the Dinosaurs" he lifts up the titular island and flies it away, all by himself. Another has him being hit with "tons of stone" (as the villain claims), and Mightor lifts them all off of himself with one hand.
  • Tagalong Kid: Little Rok is this. He really seems to believe that since he has a mask like Mightor, he also has Mightor's powers.
  • Three Shorts: The show ran on this format. There were two Mightor cartoons with one Moby Dick cartoon in the middle. Unusually, Moby Dick got top billing despite Mightor dominating the show.
  • Transformation Sequence: While not the fanciest one (it's mostly just a cloud of smoke obscuring the change), Tor has one where he raises the club and becomes Mightor, who flies off. The backgrounds change based on the episode, but it is the same sequence.