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The Flintstone Kids was a Saturday Morning Cartoon on ABC that reimagined the main characters of The Flintstones—Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty—as schoolchildren. A supporting segment, Captain Caveman and Son, was presented as a television program enjoyed by the children of Bedrock, contrary to a previous Flintstones series in which Captain Caveman interacted with the grown-up Flintstones and Rubbles.



  • Alliterative Name: Fred Flintstone, Captain Caveman and Rockfort "Rocky" Ratrock.
  • Call-Back: One episode was about Freddy and Barney arguing about which one really deserves to appear on The Captain Caveman Show. (They had won it as a contest prize.) Then it was revealed the prize was for two. The episode "Grime and Punishment" was the one where they appeared.
  • The Cameo: Basically all Freddy and Barney got in the above mentioned contest.
  • Casting Gag: Freddy's parents are voiced by Henry Corden, the adult Fred's official voice actor at the time.
  • Continuity Snarl: Not that continuity was ever a strong point in the franchise, but the entire series' premise (like those of most Spinoff Babies series) of the leads having known each other as children contradicts the original series, where Fred and Barney first met Betty and Wilma when they were teenagers or young adults. It also contradicts one episode that establishes Mr. Slate as Barney's uncle, though that episode was pretty ignored even after it aired, a much worst offender is them having Dino as children.
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  • Cosmetically Advanced Prequel: The characters here enjoy 1980s-equivalent technology, social roles (including a strong presence of women and minorities in various roles), and pop culture, versus the 1960s-equivalent tech, social roles, and culture of the original series. The opening credits show Barney has a Stone Age Walkman, for instance (versus the original series' use of transistor radios).
  • Crossover: An in-universe case took place when the host of a science show went into Captain Caveman's show to trick him into drinking a youth elixir. Later, Cavey and his son went into the science show to force the host into giving the antidote. Freddy and Co. had to change channels to see how that story ended.
  • Does Not Wear Shoes: As usual for the Flintstones franchise, the entire cast is constantly barefoot. Averted with Granite Janet (The female member of Rocky Ratrock's gang) who appears to wear sandals and Philo Quartz appears to wear sneakers.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: Apparently Fred, Barney, Betty, and Wilma, as well as Fred's future boss, Mr. Slate (or "Nate Slate" here), all went to Bedrock Elementary.
  • The Friends Who Never Hang: Fred and Betty never hung out once in the original series, but here, they get one rare episode together in "Freddy the 13th".
  • The Genie in the Machine: In "Philo's D-Feat", Philo makes a robot that, when given commands, it either obeys them the literal way or explains that it can't be done. When Philo says "make my bed", the robot makes a new bed that looks like the bed Philo already had. When Rocky Ratrock commands the robot to shoplift, it literally lifts a shop.
  • Gotta Have It, Gonna Steal It: Subverted in one episode where Freddy is about to steal from his mother to get a new Captain Caveman gizmo. But after watching a Captain Caveman and Son cartoon titled "Greed It and Weep", he decides not to go through with it.
  • "Just Joking" Justification: When a bus accident leaves Freddy and his friends with no choice but to either watch that day's Captain Caveman episode at Rocky's or not watch it at all, Rocky won't let any of them (other than Wilma) to watch it until Captain Caveman says he won't show the episode unless Rocky lets all of them watch it, prompting Rocky to say he's only kidding.
  • Lightbulb Joke: Captain Caveman asked how many of him were needed to change a light bulb. He said none of him because the light bulb hasn't been invented yet.
  • May the Farce Be with You
  • No Fourth Wall: In-universe. Captain Caveman not only acknowledges that he's in a TV show watched by the kids but also has some awareness to what his viewers do.
  • Opposing Sports Team: Rocky's baseball team, the Bedrottens, featured in the baseball episode.
  • Rich Bitch: Dreamchip has moments of these.
  • Shout-Out: A pink version of the Bouldermobile briefly appeared at the beginning of "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Betty".
  • Show Within a Show: The Captain Caveman Show. Also Bedrock Bunny and an educational show whose host once tried to get rid of Cavey to increase ratings.
  • Spinoff Babies: Despite the continuity snarls and overall feeling of We're Still Relevant, Dammit!, this is actually one of the better done examples of a Spinoff Babies series (well, this and Muppet Babies).
  • The One Who Wears Shoes: Philo Quartz and Granite Janet despite the entire cast being barefoot.
  • The Television Talks Back: In the Captain Caveman segments. The narrator responded to Wilma's protests when The Captain Caveman Show wouldn't be broadcast in favor of a game, and Cavey himself would talk to some viewers. (Examples: Freddy's mom when she thanked Cavey for teaching Freddy An Aesop about greed; and Rocky when Freddy and his friends had no way to watch an episode other than watching it at Rocky's. Rocky would only allow Wilma, but Cavey threatened not to broadcast his show unless he allowed all of them.)
  • Very Special Episode: The "Just Say No" special which aired on primetime in September 1988. It involved drugs (being The '80s) and the Flintstone kids having to deal with them.


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