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VRV (pronounced "verve") is a streaming video bundle service from Otter Media's Crunchyroll, that launched on November 14, 2016. The service is targeted towards fans of video games, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and animation.

The main purpose of VRV is to unite related content from Crunchyroll and other Otter properties, such as Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen, with third-party partners that specialize in "geek" entertainment under one roof. Each partner's content is organized into "channels" that can be purchased a la carte, or as an all-in-one combo pack.

Eventually, VRV would also offer its own exclusive content under its "VRV Select" channel. VRV Select would also become home to content from "shuttered" channels; channels that were either too small or, in the case of Seeso, content from providers that have since been shuttered themselves.

While some of VRV's content (include those of Otter Media own brands) can still accessed independently of the site, others are exclusive to the service. This wouldn't be a problem had it not been for the fact VRV is currently exclusive to the United States and many of its partners, such as Frederator's Cartoon Hangover and Mondo Media, who have previously made their content available worldwide on YouTube, are now producing content exclusively for VRV.


Nonetheless, VRV has seen further growth in 2018 after AT&T became the sole owner of Otter Media AND finished its acquisition of Time Warner, now known as WarnerMedia. By November of that year, Boomerang, from Warner's Turner Broadcasting, would join the service and TBS original series Final Space would be added to VRV Select.

After Crunchyroll was sold to Sony in 2020, various third party partners, such as HiDIVE and Cartoon Hangover, would leave the service. It has not been revealed if the service would eventually be shuttled or not.

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