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American Movie Classics, or AMC, is an American cable TV network that was established in 1984. Most of the movies it showed in its first twenty years came from The Golden Age of Hollywood and the years immediately after, such as Marx Brothers comedies and film noirs. Starting in 1993, it began running the annual Film Preservation Festival, a multi-day marathon of rare, restored films that were previously lost, in order to raise money for film preservation. In 1997, AMC also started running Monsterfest, a weeklong marathon of horror movies that ran before Halloween; this was replaced in 2008 with Fearfest.

Starting in the late '90s, AMC began to undergo a famous case of Network Decay. In 1996, the network debuted its first scripted series, the dramedy Remember WENN, about people working at a 1930s-'40s radio station. AMC also had a short-lived Panel Game, The Movie Masters, moderated by Gene Rayburn. In 1999, AMC would premiere its second scripted series called The Lot. By 2001, the network ended its long-standing policy of showing movies uninterrupted and began running commercials during movies. The biggest change came in 2002, when AMC became a general movie channel, adding films from the last 30-40 years to its lineup and pushing pre-1970 films to late night, morning, and late afternoon. It's been suggested that rival network Turner Classic Movies was responsible for this shift, as that network's establishment cut deeply into AMC's selection of classic films,note  but the main reason for the shift was an effort to appeal to a younger demographic.

The final sign of AMC's decay and perhaps proof that Tropes Are Tools was the network's investment in the original series late in the 2000s. In 2007, AMC debuted Mad Men, a critically acclaimed drama that entered the public consciousness and established the movie network as a purveyor of high-quality television shows. AMC would follow up with shows like Breaking Bad in 2008, The Walking Dead in 2010, and Hell on Wheels in 2011. AMC has also crafted several mini series: including the 2006 Western Broken Trail, and the 2009 remake of The Prisoner.

Today, AMC has become better known for its original programming, which many consider being on par with premium networks like HBO or Showtime. FX, whose original programming has also drawn the same comparisons, is considered to be the channel's chief rival.

Not to be confused with automaker American Motors Corporation (long since absorbed into Chrysler), movie theatre chain AMC Theatres, or All My Children, the long-running Soap Opera known by its AMC initials in Fan Speak.

AMC Networks

AMC is the flagship cable network and namesake of AMC Networks. Other networks and brands include:
  • BBC America — A joint venture with the Beebs, after AMC replaced Discovery as managing partner in 2014. It operates as a standalone entity from AMC's siblings.
    • Britbox — a British-centric streaming service from both the BBC and ITV. Through their partnership with BBC, AMC serves as an investor and minority stakeholder.
  • IFC — A comedy and horror-centric movie channel. Formally known as the Independent Film Channel. Notable for being one of the few channels that airs their programming uncensored while still having commercials.
  • SundanceTV — Largely focused on classic and critically-acclaimed programming, alongside original documentaries and crime drama repeats. Previously known as Sundance Channel.
    • Sundance Now
  • We TV — Originally stood for Women's Entertainment Television.
  • Shudder — A streaming service dedicated to Horror films.

AMC Networks was previously known as Rainbow Media and was a part of the Dolan family's Cablevision in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. Rainbow assets previously included Bravo (sold to NBC in 2002), half of the Fox Sports regional networks (previously owned by Rainbow under the SportsChannel name until they sold a half-interest to Fox in 1997), Fuse (which originally began life as an American feed of Canada's MuchMusic), and several other channels leftover from their failed attempt at an HD-centric satellite TV service: Voom. AMC was spun off into its' own company in 2011; the Dolan family continues to own Madison Square Garden and associated properties, while Cablevision was sold to French telecom firm Altice in 2016.

List of AMC shows and mini series:

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