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Kingdom Force is a 2019 Canadian All-CGI Cartoon produced by Jam Filled Entertainment and Industrial Brothers (Dot., Top Wing) and created by Matthew Fernandes (Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist, Remy & Boo) for CBC Kids.

The world of Kingdom Force is divided into five kingdoms — the Plains Kingdom, the Forest Kingdom, the Canyon Kingdom, the Jungle Kingdom, and the Ice Kingdom — all inhabited by various anthropomorphic animals. United together from the tower of Anapolis, the five kingdoms have established Kingdom Force, a team of five heroes from each kingdom tasked with the duty of protecting the five kingdoms. These heroes are Luka, a wolf from the Forest Kingdom; TJ, a badger from the Canyon Kingdom; Dalilah, a gorilla from the Jungle Kingdom; Norvyn, a polar bear from the Ice Kingdom; and Jabari, a cheetah cub from the Plains Kingdom. Together, the five heroes defend their homes using hi-tech rescue vehicles able to combine into a single giant robot known as the Alpha Mech.


Tropes of the series:

  • Bat Signal: Kingdom Force has one in the form of a pentagon with a pawprint in the center. Every inhabitant in the Five Kingdoms can summon this signal using their phone/communicator for emergencies.
  • Bears Are Bad News: Gunter and Gustav, Dr. Sabre's two henchmen, are a pair of grizzly bears. However, they're a downplayed example as they're pretty incompetent villains. Averted with Norvyn however, who is one of the heroes, even if he can be a bit of a grouch sometimes.
  • The Big Guy: Norvyn serves this role in the Kingdom Force team, being the largest and strongest member of the team.
  • Cats Are Mean: Dr. Sabre, the show's most frequently recurring villain, is a small Persian cat and the evil CEO of Kittycorp Industries. His schemes generally involve boosting sales or his own self-pleasure, but he's pretty ineffectual.
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  • Combining Mecha: Alpha Mech is formed from Kingdom Force's vehicles, the Kingdom Riders. Luka's red aerial gyro Kingdom Rider 1 forms the head and torso; Jabari's yellow speed vehicle Kingdom Rider 2 forms the left leg; TJ's green digging machine Kingdom Rider 3 forms the right leg; Dalilah's orange crawler Kingdom Rider 4 forms the right arm; and Norvyn's blue snowplow/submarine Kingdom Rider 5 forms the left arm.
  • Genius Cripple: Sprocket is a koala who serves as a mechanic for Kingdom Force's vehicles and designs their technology but gets around through a hi-tech wheelchair.
  • Kid Hero: Jabari is the only child member of Kingdom Force, but nonetheless a valued member of the team. He was actually originally the sidekick of the original choice for the Plains Kingdom representative Mittens McGuirk, but got the role when she refused the offer.
  • The Leader: Luka, a fearless and confident wolf, serves this role for Kingdom Force.
  • The Smart Guy: On Kingdom Force, this role is split between TJ and Dalilah, who often work together in formulating team strategies and developing technologies for the team.
  • Team Title: Kingdom Force, of course.
  • World of Funny Animals: The setting is populated entirely by anthropomorphic mammals, primarily bears (in the Ice Kingdom), badgers (in the Canyon Kingdom), and various types of felines (in the Plains Kingdom), canines (in the Forest Kingdom), and non-human primates (in the Jungle Kingdom). There are no other animals nor kingdoms.