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"The Bat-Signal is not a beeper."

A method of summoning a Superhero by shining their insignia into the sky. Usually, this involves using a searchlight to project the image against the clouds (it's normally not explained what they do on cloudless nights).

The best-known example is the Trope Namer, Batman, though it has been referenced, parodied, subverted, and otherwise used many times since. The Ur-Example of this trope is Golden Bat.

The Bat Signal is a specific form of Regular Caller and a very specific form of Epic Hail. See also Hotline, for another means of summoning a superhero.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Golden Bat, the Ur-Example of this trope, had his own anime adaptation in 1966 (see Theater section below for more details).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • The card "Hero Signal" is based on this idea.
    • As is the card "Destiny Signal". The "Neo Signal" has the same effect as the other two signals, but since it summons a team of animal heroes, the card depicts a smoke signal rather than a spotlight.
  • Cyborg Guy from GaoGaiGar had one of these built into his GaoBrace for summoning Galeon. More often, though, the two would simply be dispatched at the same time, foregoing the need for its use.

    Comic Books 
  • Batgirl (2009): After Stephanie Brown became Batgirl, she would respond to the titular signal on numerous occasions, reasoning that it is the Bat-signal, not Batman-signal. In one situation, however, the signal was actually the bait for a trap the Gotham Police were laying, as she was suspected of murder at the time.
  • Batman has used many different forms of this over the years. In addition to its signaling function, it is sometimes used by Batman himself as part of the whole "strike terror in the hearts of criminals" program. Gordon gives a similar explanation in the comic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns in response to the question of why use the Bat-Signal instead of something else. The series Gotham Central delves into the legality and operation of the signal, and what it implies for the relationship between Batman and the police. Legally, no employee of City Hall or the police can operate the signal, since that would qualify as an official endorsement of Batman and make the city government responsible for whatever actions Batman takes. As such, only Stacy, the secretary of the Major Crimes Unit who is technically a temp and not a city employee at all, is allowed to turn on the signal. The signal itself is eventually dismantled following the events of the "War Games" crossover (A Bat Family Crossover from the mid-2000's) when the GCPD feels that Batman has broken the bonds of good faith between them.
    • Unfortunately, this article (specifically in the extensive comments section) explains why that arrangement still doesn't work.
    • In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns the Bat Signal is projected onto the side of a skyscraper, solving the problem of cloudless nights.
    • When Batman is claimed to be dead the GCPD considered altering the signal into a Robin signal since he's the only one showing up when it's used. Tim Drake insists they keep it as the bat-signal as it is a powerful symbol and he figures Nightwing will pick up Batman's mantle any day now.
  • In The Batman and Robin Adventures #6, a Robin-wannabe who believes a tabloid claim that the original Robin has been fired uses a flare gun to signal Batman. The flare hits an illuminated street sign. Batman smacks the kid and tells a passing police officer to book him for reckless endangerment.
  • Bruce Wayne: Not Super: At the end of the first book, Bruce gives Selina a bat-shaped rock to shine into the sky with a flashlight if she ever needs help. True to the Affectionate Parody nature of the comic, she points out that it will be useless in broad daylight or on cloudless nights, and Bruce sheepishly calls it a work in progress.
  • Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham: Of course, Catwoman's superhero signal features a snarling cat.
  • In Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink, Dr. Blink has to explain to the Commissioner that the Nocturne Signal (a.k.a. the "Night Light") is a sign of his Dysfunctional Communication issue...
  • The Fantastic Four have a signal to summon each other. The Fantasti-Flare lights up the sky, then forms the giant 4 in the sky to let them know they're needed.
    • Human Torch doesn't need a Fantasti-Flare, as he can "draw" the giant 4 in the sky with his flames (usually using his own body/flight movements/fire trail as a pen/brush).
    • Certain prominent individuals, such as the Mayor of New York and the Chief of Police, also had their own transmitters. Presumably, individuals such as the New York State Governor, the President of the United States, and Nick Fury did not need to use such flamboyant methods... or could just order the above-mentioned individuals to use theirs.
  • Parodied in the comic Top 10, where a minor super-hero was arrested for using a flare-gun-type device to contact his partner, which is illegal (a "signal-device violation"). Considering that the setting of this comic is a city populated only by superheroes, this is a reasonable legal restriction considering how many people might be flying overhead. (Not to mention redundant in the early 21st century, what with cell-phones being so cheap.)
  • There's a cartoon out there with an elderly woman using the Bat-Signal to get Batman to investigate the strange noise the dishwasher's making.
  • In Hitman (1993), the title character creates the "Cat-Signal" to summon Catwoman by throwing a dead cat on a searchlight.
  • Spider-Man: Inverted in the early days, as the Web-Slinger used to use a Spider Signal to introduce himself.
    • Spidey still uses it from time to time, especially since it also serves as a lantern. In The Amazing Spider-Man (J. Michael Straczynski) he used it to bring attention of a police officer, with this dialogue following:
      Spider-Man: You like it? I can rent it to you if you want.
      Detective: Really? It would be great, thanks. We would put it on the roof every time we would want you to show up. And then kick your butt.
      Spider-Man: Yeah, right, you and some God of Thunder.
    • In a crossover with Batman, he uses it to spot The Joker, who snaps at Spidey for stealing Batman's schtick.
    • Like the Catwoman example above, someone once slapped a spider on a spotlight to call Spidey. Spidey quips that someone's been reading too many comic books.
    • In Superior Spider-Man (2013) #3, J. Jonah Jameson, as Mayor of New York City, put together a Spider-Signal for the Superior Spider-Man. Spider-Man promptly trashed it, noting how stupid it is to announce to the world where he is.
    • During She-Hulk (2004), She-Hulk created a make-shift Spider-Signal with a hand-drawn spider on a spotlight, to attract Spider-Man's attention with an offer to sue J. Jonah Jameson for libel. Spider-Man's reaction, "I've seen better art under refrigerator magnets, Shulkie."
  • Every leader of the Section Omega in The Mighty have a special signal device infused directly into their hands that enables them to signal Alpha One or for Alpha One to signal them. Also, Alpha One could track them down whenever he wants to.
  • Superman:
    • While Superman has no need for a "Super-Signal", in the opening chapters of The Death of Superman, a young kid bought a can of fluorescent yellow spray-paint and tagged a building with a crude S-shield in the hopes that Superman would see it, as Lois had been kidnapped by Underworlders. He does.
    • Superman: Earth One: In the third volume, Lois ends up getting one to contact Superman, her reasoning being that he spends so much time in the clouds. Superman points out that it might as well tell an alien invasion "drop bombs here". Lex Luthor uses it as a trap to hit Superman with red sun radiation, but it's kept at the very end.
    • During Superman: Grounded Batman himself uses a Super-Signal to get Superman's attention.
  • WILQ – Superbohater: Spoofed, where it is frequently used by Commissioner Gondor, using an actual, living turtle. Sometimes this doesn't end well for the turtle. Also employed by Entombed, who is much gentler with the poor creature.
  • Disney Ducks Comic Universe: Paperinik (Donald's superhero/antihero alter ego) in some stories has a similar signal, either a bat with his signature hat or a domino mask. In one occasion, a cop used it to make shadow puppets in the sky before his bemused superior could put the mask on the searchlight.

    Fan Works 
  • Tales of the Canterlot Deportation Agency: Jack: Angle Shooting: Mentioned, as a nod at Batman's use of this, because the story is based off those stories:
    "I'm saving up," the man shot back.
    "For a spotlight? I haven't looked at the rates for those, but I'm sure you have enough put away for, say, a dozen or more..."
    "And the next time I need to speak with you, I'll shine them all at the sky and spell out your name in lights," the man sarcastically declared. "If I knew what that was. Pass me the emerald. Then I'll give you the good part."
  • With This Ring: OL does this with Eris' sigil to summon her.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Batman: The Movie, the signal is used to lure criminals into thinking Batman and Robin would be off to police headquarters and would not be able to thwart their plans.
  • In Batman (1989), the film ends with the gift of the signal to the city in order to symbolize Batman's help and serve as a public notice. In Batman & Robin, Robin gets his coveted "Robin Signal" later on deployed by Poison Ivy to lure him into a deadly trap. Which is just what Batman had in mind.
  • Batman Begins has Batman telling Gordon to "watch for [his] sign" in their first meeting; this sign turns out to be Falcone strung up to a spotlight, his cut coat resembling a bat. Gordon then turns this into the Bat-Signal at the end.
  • In The Dark Knight, Commissioner Gordon mentions that turning it on is more a reminder to Gotham, even if Batman himself does not show up to answer it "I like reminding everybody that he's out there." As part of the police officially disowning Batman and hunting him down they symbolically smash the signal. In The Dark Knight Rises the first sign that Batman wasn't killed ferrying the nuke to safe territory was Gordon finding the signal repaired.
  • The Batman (2022) has a slight twist in that the Bat Signal is present, but not located on the Gotham Police Department; instead, it's on top of an unfinished, apparently abandoned construction site that no one but Batman and Gordon ever go to, and use as a meeting spot. This makes sense as it's repeatedly demonstrated that while Batman is (barely) tolerated by the police, Gordon — who is not yet the commissioner — is the only one willing to actively work with him. Most likely his fellow officers wouldn't tolerate having the signal on their roof, and he lacks the authority to force the issue.
  • Bumblebee in Transformers (2007) sneaks away to a junkyard and shines what looks like a spotlight into the sky. The following evening, Autobot reinforcements arrive. As it is expected to be seen from space, it is either made of very strong light or uses other components as well.
  • In Kick-Ass, Hit Girl jokes about having one of these.
    Kick Ass: How do I get a hold of you.
    Hit Girl: You just contact the mayor's office, he has a special signal he shines in the sky. It's in the shape of a giant cock.
  • Parodied in Monty Python and the Holy Grail when an image of the grail appears over the Castle Anthrax. Turns out it wasn't a sign from God, just the result of a "grail-shaped beacon" left lit to accidentally-on-purpose lure questing knights to the castle.
  • Captain America: Civil War: Spider-Man is given his own Spider Signal as a part of his new equipment from Tony Stark.

  • The humorous guidebook How to Be a Superhero has a section on this, including a joke about making sure you have symbol suited to this and commenting on how the Women's League for Decency got the Purple Helmet's signal banned (although he still sometimes mistakenly answers summons for Doc Hemisphere).
  • The "Dark Mark" in the Harry Potter books is an evil equivalent of this, although it serves to indicate an atrocity as well as to summon people.
  • Discussed in Legacy The Tale Of The American Eagle. During the story, communication with the police is done over encrypted communications, but one of American Eagle's allies explains that he used to use a hand-held version to spotlight criminals caught in the act, making them realise they were in deep trouble.
  • Phantom, a pulp-novel masked detective who debuted in 1933, was perhaps the second crime-fighter (after Golden Bat) to be signaled in this way by the police when they needed his help.
  • Sci-fi pulp hero Captain Future was summoned from his secret Moon base by a magnesium flare fired from the North Pole.
  • In Small Favor Harry Dresden is working a double kidnapping of a young girl and a grown man. Aiding him in this quest is The Paladin Michael Carpenter, whose shining armor has red-embroidered crosses on it. While they are in a bad situation and unable to find the victims, and knowing God gives Michael "gut feelings" to send him on his journeys, Harry asks if Michael has seen any giant flaming crosses in the sky over the location of the victims. Michael admits he hasn't, but he did look just in case.

    Live Action Television 
  • The X-Files:
    • Mulder's Mysterious Informant Deep Throat was called by blue light coming from Mulder's apartment. This signal appeared only once on the show and was less iconic than the following one.
    • Mulder summons Mr. X by putting an X sign from masking tape on the window in his apartment and shining a lamp light through it.
  • Referenced in the Comedy Central Roast of Larry the Cable Guy, along with some Self-Deprecating Humor.
    Gary Busey: [pointing to his own chair] Why, it's Gary Busey! Somebody must have turned on the Batshit Signal!
  • The Big Bang Theory: Leonard jokes that he got a government grant on a science project and that he used the equipment to build his own Bat Signal.
  • Spoofed in Hero Corp, when the local police attempts to find a way to contact the superheroes by projecting Batman's insignia with a torchlight, then calls them on the phone to check if they have seen it. John then realises they could use the phone right away...
  • Batman (1966) initially used the classic Bat-Signal, but soon switched to the Batphone.
  • Batwoman (2019). The pilot episode has a ceremony to officially turn off the Batsignal, as Batman has been missing from Gotham for three years. Events are interrupted by new supervillain Alice making her debut. In a later scene Alice summons Batwoman by making shadow puppets using the batsignal playing on the Wayne tower—she smashes the signal, but Luke Fox creates a redesigned one to announce the debut of Batwoman (up to then everyone assumed that Batman had returned).
  • Arrow. The Arrow tells Roy Harper to summon him by sticking a red arrow in the alley wall behind the Verdant nightclub, under which the so-called Arrowcave is hidden. The signal becomes unnecessary once Roy becomes a Secret-Keeper and can just contact Oliver Queen directly. Other allies just call on a mobile Bat Phone he's given them.

  • In Stern Pinball's Batman, the bat-signal on the playfield lights up to indicate to the player when the Wizard Modes ("Bat Signal Challenge" and "Final Battle") are available.

  • Golden Bat: This is the Ur-Example. A decade before Batman, the Japanese Kamishibai Proto-Superhero, Golden Bat (debuted 1930), was using a similar cunning technique, using his costume and his reputation to scare the villains he fights. First a gold bat would appear, followed be a haunting laughter and the appearance of Ogon Bat`s ghostly golden skull. He was also feared because, unlike most heroes that would follow him (and some before), he didn't care if the villains died or not, so a meeting with the bat would most definitely end in death.

    Theme Parks 

    Video Games 
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman uses these to defeat the Scarecrow. Given that said battles are entirely in Batman’s head, presumably they are a manifestation of his Heroic Willpower. Batman: Arkham City also uses these for objective location markers (and for custom waypoint markers that the player can set.) The bat-signal spotlight itself can be found atop the GCPD and serves as a riddle solution.
    • The actual Bat Signal is seen being turned on at the beginning of Batman: Arkham Knight, at the end of Gordon's monologue.
      Commissioner Gordon: It took just twenty-four hours for us to lose control of the city. Tonight, Gotham's relying on one man to save us all... [Cue the Bat Signal]
    • Aside from the beginning, just like City before it, it gets used as both objective markers and the solution to a riddle. In the end, the Knightfall protocol begins with the Bat-Signal self destructing.
  • It also shows up in DC Universe Online, in the Gotham portion of the world of course. You even get an feat/achievement for finding the spotlight on one of the rooftops.
  • Batman: The Telltale Series shows the first use of the Bat-Signal. Turns out it was Gordon's idea.
    Batman: That light has a bat on it, Jim.
    Commissioner Gordon: You give me a number to call, I'll rethink my methods.
  • When there is a new quest available in Kingdom of Loathing, the Council of Loathing lights the Adventurer Signal. Said signal is projected onto a sheet held up by some birds.
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the villainous organization Moebius can project their lemniscate symbol into the sky to signal the others that something is up. It's how they initially become aware that the main party is rebelling against their authority.

    Web Animation 

  • A Running Gag in Sinfest features The Signal. Uses have included "The Pimp Signal", "The Jesus Signal", "The Devil Signal", "The Skank Symbol", "The Pig Signal"...
  • What happens when dirt gets on the Bat-Signal? Ozy and Millie discuss the idea here...
  • Acrobat's mentor used to answer to one.
  • Bug got the Bug Signal!
  • Referenced but averted in Skin Horse:
    Tigerlily Jones: Fire up your spotlight sky-signal and summon your bloods to this cubby!
    Tip: Um. I called Sweetheart.
    Tigerlily: If you don't have a spotlight sky-signal, just say so.

    Web Original 
  • The Nostalgia Critic apparently has a Nostalgia Signal, which alerted Linkara when the Critic was mocking the Alone in the Dark (2005) film. The Critic isn't even sure why he installed the thing.
    • Parodied in a crossover with JesuOtaku where he repeatedly tries to summon her by using the JO signal. On his first attempt, it fails because it's a cloudless night and there's nothing to project it on. On his second attempt, it fails because it's the middle of the day. On his third attempt, there are clouds and it's night... but Angry Joe responds to it, thinking that it's for him. A frustrated Critic finally just asks him for Jesu's cell phone number.
    • In his Batman Forever review, the Critic uses The Last Angry Geek signal to summon the Geek.... who turns out to have been hanging out in the Critic's storage closet for some reason ("Don't judge me.").
  • LoadingReadyRun did a video featuring four different superheroes showing up to the same ("M"-shaped) signal. One who was actually called, and three thinking the caller just got the orientation wrong (for E, W, and 3) and it was for them.
  • In the CollegeHumor animation "The Dark Knight Meets Superman", Superman gets one of his own, but because of his much more super powers, there is a slight difference in the way it functions in practice.
    Batman: What the hell is this?
    Commissioner Gordon: Oh, this thing is great. I just turn it on, and he shows up with the bad guys!

    Western Animation 
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • Played with in the episode "Legends of the Dark Knight". Three kids, who have been telling stories up to now about how they think Batman is, stumble on Firefly as he's about to torch a place. One of the kids has a homemade Bat-Signal flashlight, and shines it through a hole in the ceiling... for a few seconds, before the batteries die. Batman arrives a few minutes later anyway, and the kid excitedly thinks Bats saw his signal. A moment later, Batman tells Firefly that he was tracking him and figured out his pattern.
    • In Joker's Favor, the man who had been blackmailed into being Joker's patsy spotted a crane-mounted replica of Clement Ader's bat-shaped aircraft and moved it back and forth in front of a large window in the hopes of getting Batman to save him. Fortunately, Bruce Wayne was driving by the building at the time.
    • THE Bat Signal was introduced in the episode "The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy".
    • More from DCAU: In one episode of Static Shock, Batman and Robin team up with Static. Batman gives Static a bat-shaped communicator, but Static loses it. Then, when he needs to contact Batman, he uses his electromagnetic powers to project a (custom-designed) Bat-Signal. It can be seen here.
  • In Batman Beyond, there is no official bat-signal, because A) Batman's been gone for quite some time before Terry picks up the mantle, and B) at best, Commissioner Barbara Gordon merely tolerates the new Batman as opposed to outright supporting him as her father did; also, C) she remembers how to get into the Batcave and so can just stroll on in or give Bruce a call when she wants a word. In the first season finale, Paxton Powers uses a makeshift one to summon Batman; he answers but breaks the signal light and tells Paxton facetiously to use email next time.
  • Used several times in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Also Robin gets his own Robin-signal, after he's moved to a different city, and Green Arrow is shown having his own signal in "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure".
  • The Powerpuff Girls had their own hotline, but in one episode, the Mayor sent a flashing heart signal into the sky. note  There was even a catchy song about it, "Signal in the Sky" by Apples in Stereo (originally from the album Heroes & Villains). It's The Artifact; they had it in the original short before the hotline was invented.
  • The Huntsman, a character in Freakazoid!, is signaled by "The Horn of Urgency", a giant horn on the police station's roof. Unfortunately, it was a false alarm every time.
  • Inverted in The Spectacular Spider-Man, as Spider-Man uses the belt-mounted Spider-Signal to announce his arrival, as above.
  • Parodied in the cartoon version of The Tick: The Mayor has several superhero signals, and doesn't think much of their effectiveness (especially when he has the Tick's phone number).
    Mayor Blank: Every time we flash the Die Fledermaus signal, he disconnects his phone and leaves town for a week.
  • Family Guy:
    • Played with when Bill Gates shines a Windows logo into the sky to summon a helicopter to pick him up.
    • In another episode, the Griffins are at the park cloud-watching. They see the actual Bat-Signal, followed by a signal with a silhouette of a dog; when Brian sees it, he leaps up and runs off.
  • Parodied in The Simpsons episode "The Mysterious Voyage of Homer", when Homer accidentally stands in front of a lighthouse.
    Bart: Hey look! Is that Dad?
    Lisa: Either that or Batman's really let himself go.
  • Parodied on Futurama, when the Professor used a giant Planet Express symbol projected on the clouds to draw all his employees together... to try out his new soda machine.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II", SpongeBob wins Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's Conch Signal in a contest and used it to summon them whenever he needed, say, a mayonnaise jar opened, or just to hang out.
    • Unintentionally invoked in "Night Light", where Spongebob and Patrick, who have become so paranoid of the darkness that happens during the night, start gathering more ludicrously bright objects. They eventually steal a lighthouse, which breaks through the roof of Spongebob's home, accidentally making the Mermaid Man signal. Eventually it is played straight, as one of the aquatic duo's foes, The Moth, gets attracted by the intense light, justifying their presence.
    • Parodied in "Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team-Up Is Go!" Plankton and Man Ray invade the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob goes to the roof and activates the Mermaid Man signal. However, it's the middle of the day, so the light isn't visible. He has to go to them in person instead.
  • On VeggieTales, Larry-Boy had one of these as part of the whole Batman parody. Humorously, in one video, they need to contact him during the day, and the mayor just calls Larry on the phone instead. When he asks why they didn't use the signal, she responds "Because it's daytime. You can't see it in the daytime."
  • In ThunderCats one of the Sword of Omens' powers is to beam the ThunderCats logo into the sky, to tell the other ThunderCats that Lion-O is in trouble and summon them all for today's big showdown.
  • In the Thunder Cats 2011 episode "Song of the Petalars", this appears to be a function of the sword as an Empathic Weapon, since it occurs when Lion-O is charging into a battle he is unaware will become a Last Stand. Summoned by the signal, a Deus ex Machina saves him and his ThunderCats just as they're assuring each other that It Has Been an Honor.
  • One episode of WordGirl was about Becky "WordGirl" Botsford's younger adoptive brother TJ thinking that he is a baseball-themed superhero and starts to gain more popularity than his sister. At one point he wants people to use a "Bat Signal" to summon him (in his case, it's a baseball bat), and Becky/WordGirl responds by making a reference to Batman.
  • Fred tries to get the rest of his friends to use one in the pilot of Big Hero 6: The Series. Not only are they unimpressed, but he misspelled "HELP" as "HALP".
  • In one episode of Miraculous Ladybug, Chloe rigs up a "Bee Signal". Not to call Queen Bee (everyone in town already knows that Chloe herself is Queen Bee), but to call Ladybug to deliver her Miraculous to her. Given she uses it in broad daylight, it's unlikely it made any impact, but Ladybug already believed she'd need Queen Bee's help anyway and had sent Cat Noir to her place already.
  • DC Super Hero Girls:
    • Parodied in "#BatCatcher" where Batgirl mistakenly believes she is being summoned by the Bat-Signal when in reality the shadow is cast from a real bat inside her bedroom.
    • In "#FromBatToWorse", Batgirl tries to use a Bat-Signal flashlight to call Batman for help against Poison Ivy, but it doesn't work and Poison Ivy points out that unlike Gotham City, there is no pollution in the skies of Metropolis for the Bat-Signal to shine against.
  • When The Mighty Heroes (Ralph Bakshi's CBS creation for Terrytoons) were needed following the villains' initial setup, the skies were blanketed in an extended fireworks display of the flag, Uncle Sam and the like.

    Real Life 
  • In 1930s, USSR experimented with the idea of projecting propaganda slogans and even movies against the clouds from onboard the giant ANT-20 "Maxim Gorky" transport plane (the largest in the world at this time), which also have "Voice from the Sky" sound projection equipment. However, calculations have shown that even in ideal conditions the image will be illegible, and the onboard projection equipment was re-purposed to show movies on the airfields.
  • Old-fashioned flare guns shoot a bright signal flare into the sky.
  • Before pagers became sufficiently cheap and reliable, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and some volunteer firefighting organizations would use a signal rocket to summon their personnel from their day jobs in the event of an emergency call.
  • Rotating spotlights are sometimes used to attract customers to grand openings of superstores or movie premieres.
  • Despite the reliance on cell phones and beepers, some small towns that utilize volunteer fire departments use old fashioned air raid sirens to alert members to a fire. Many times these are tested on a Saturday, which can cause some confusion and even panic amongst tourists when it sounds like the bombers are incoming.
  • British armies in the latter part of WW2 used a night-attack technique nicknamed "Montgomery's Moonlight". If weather conditions were right, with low cloud cover, every available searchlight would be moved to just behind the attacking troops and shone upwards onto the low cloud above enemy positions. Light reflecting downwards acted like intense moonlight illuminating enemy positions — while not silhouetting or exposing the attacking force. This was successful enough to be taken up by American and even Russian forces.note 
  • Some cities lit up memorial Bat-Signal displays to commemorate the death of Adam West in June 2017.


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