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Maybe it should be called "Gandalf mode" instead?

"You have come to the end of your journey. Survival is everything."
Rod Serling introducing "Lost in the Zone", The Twilight Zone

In Pinball games, a Wizard Mode is a special game mode or bonus stage which can only be started after completing a long and difficult series of tasks. It is named as a sideways tribute to The Who's Tommy, since the idea is that only a Pinball Wizard could reach such a level to begin with.

Some games will make completing the Wizard Mode reward a Progressive Jackpot, as an extra incentive to players. Other games may have multiple Wizard Modes (called "sub-Wizard Modes" or "mini-Wizard Modes" by fans), to further recognize and award more "intermediate" players; usually such modes are stepping stones to the game's true Wizard Mode.

Unlike a Final Boss, however, finishing the Wizard Mode will seldom end the game. Instead, the game will resume with an earlier state, giving players the opportunity to reach (and beat) the Wizard Mode again.


The first Wizard Mode was the "King's Ransom" in 1989's Black Knight 2000.

Also see Final Boss, the Video Game equivalent. The "wizard mode" found in roguelikes is unrelated.

As this trope is all about the endgame of a pinball table, there will be unmarked spoilers. Don't say you were warned!


  • After completing all six trials in 3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrill Ride, "Lights Out" is available, where the player must hit all the light bulbs on the playfield to put them out. Successfully doing so starts "Nighttime Fantasy", a multiball scoring frenzy accompanied by a gorgeous fireworks display.
  • The Addams Family has "Tour The Mansion", which awards 50 million points, lights the extra ball and outlane specials, maximizes the jet bumpers, then starts each of the six timed modes one after the other back to back while the ball's in play.
  • Aerosmith has a sub-Wizard Mode and a proper example.
    • "Medley Multiball" is a sub-Wizard Mode, accessed by getting at least one award in every mode. After receiving a hefty bonus for every completed song, the player is given the opportunity to complete any incomplete ones by shooting their associated area (i.e. shooting the elevator three times for "Love in an Elevator"). Completing them all lights the Super Jackpot, which will end the mode and drain every ball in play. This helps light the actual Wizard Mode, detailed below. (If the player completed every mode beforehand, they get an even heftier "Perfect Bonus" and still get to play the mode and collect the Super Jackpot.)
    • The actual Wizard Mode is "Final Tour", a frenzy mode where the goal is to get through 24 cities by making various shots (grouped in sets of eight). Finishing them all lights the 100 million point Super Jackpot, which ends the mode upon collection.
  • America's Most Haunted has "Battle the Demon," available only after completing all six Ghost Boss investigations, beating a requisite number of Minions, becoming a Photo Ace, and completing Multiball at least once. After locking three balls, the fourth ball is launched for a four-ball multiball. Hit the Moving Shot six times to weaken the Demon and drop the targets, then repeatedly hit the Ghost Minion loop for Jackpots. When you're down to your last ball, make a final hit to the Demon and win the game.
  • Apollo 13 has two of these:
    • "Master Alarm", which is available after completing all missions. This is a 40-second frenzy, where every target scores one million points and adds an additional million to the Jackpot at the Blastoff ramp.
    • "Blastoff Multiball", a thirteen-ball multiball which is started after spelling "B-L-A-S-T-O-F-F". A post between the flippers rises up, four more balls are launched onto the playfield, and then eight more balls in the playfield holder are released all at once.
    "Houston, we're surrounded by pinballs!"
  • Attack from Mars requires you to earn 5 billion points for "Rule the Universe", at which time you are awarded 5 billion more.
  • Austin Powers has a sub-Wizard Mode, "Virtucon Multiball," which is enabled by starting all six of the game modes. The final Wizard Mode is "Moonbase Multiball", and is only available after completing all of the modes.
  • Avatar has "Final Battle," which is available after completing the game's six main features. This is a four-ball multiball mode, where the goal is to hit enough targets and switches on the playfield, then shoot the Unobtanium target for the Jackpot.
  • Zen Studios' The Avengers has "Avengers Assemble", a four-ball multiball mode available after completing eight different missions.
    • Stern Pinball's The Avengers has two: "Assault on the Helicarrier" occurs after all six Avengers have been recruited, while "Battle for Earth" is available only after the heroes have been pitted against each other in a series of one-to-one contests.
  • Avengers: Infinity Quest has several mini-wizard modes and a final, more proper example.
    • "Battle for the Soul Gem" is lit after collecting every Avenger once. The player must complete a sequence of eight shots with a limited amount of flips (initially 40, though they increase with every successful shot). Draining doesn't end the mode, instead simply subtracting 5 flips. Succeeding earns them the Soul Gem, allowing them to replay a failed Gem Quest.
    • Collecting them all twice lights "Black Order Multiball". It's a 3-ball multiball where shooting areas associated with each main Avenger lights their jackpot.
    • Collecting them all a third time lights "Black Order Battle Royale". With six lives (represented by each main Avenger), the player must defeat every member of the Black Order by making shots. Both fighters have a Life Meter; the player's drains if the mode's timer runs out or if they lose the ball. Further complicating things is a "stamina" mechanic where the player can only use the flippers so many times – running out also does damage.
    • Finishing every Gem Quest (including "Battle for the Soul Gem") at least once lights "Battle Thanos". Whatever Infinity Gems the player hasn't collected by this point will be wielded against them by Thanos, translating to various "anti-perks" that work against them. There are two phases: the first has the player defend their own gems by shooting a few shots for each one, losing the gem to Thanos if they drain without a ball saver. Regardless of the outcome, making it through all six gems leads to the second phase, a four-ball multiball where the player tries to drain Thanos' Life Meter before he does their own.
    • The final Wizard Mode is "Trophy Mania", achieved upon collecting 24 trophies (out of 32 total). It's a multiball where the player re-collects all each trophy by shooting specific shots, with scoring is dependent on the color of the trophies the player acquired. The primary goal is to get 24 of them again, upon which the Super Jackpot is made available.
  • Stern's Batman:
    • Originally averted: collecting all eight characters in the cast lit the Bat Signal for "Final Battle", but shooting the saucer to start it simply rewards 100 million points. A 2010 software update added the "Gotham City Challenge" Wizard Mode, which starts off with a 50 million saucer shot, followed by a four-ball multiball mode. Drained balls can be restored by making major shots, and completing a certain number of shots enables the Super Jackpot bonus.
    • Played straight with the sub-Wizard Mode, "Bat Signal Challenge". Enable the Scarecrow, the Joker, and the Batmobile, then shoot the saucer for a four-ball multiball. Make the three shots again to raise the jackpot, then shoot the saucer to collect the Super Jackpot.
  • Batman '66 has four different wizard modes:
    • Completing a minor villain from seasons 1, 2 and 3 will unlock the ability to select one of three mini-wizard modes: Gas Attack, Batusi Multiball, or Robin's Holy Multiball.
    • "Villain Escape", which is lit at the upper saucer upon beating all four arch villains (Catwoman, Joker, Penguin and Riddler), is the closest equivalent to a "main" wizard mode. It begins as a one-ball mode with a 30 second timer, whereupon all switches add to the jackpot value. Losing the ball or running out of time commences the second stage: a four-ball multiball with the goal being to hit every villain's shot to defeat him/her again. Doing so qualifies the super jackpot at the upper saucer. Super Jackpot scoring is dependent on how many points were scored in the major villian modes, so taking the time to play those out will make this mode far more lucrative, at the expense of making it harder to reach.
  • Sega's Batman Forever has "Forever", a multiball scoring frenzy where the goal is to collect jackpots by shooting pinballs into the Batwing. Unfortunately, the Batwing is constantly pivoting during "Forever", which means a mistimed shot will not get loaded or scored.
  • Baywatch features two sub-Wizard Modes and one final Wizard Mode.
    • The first sub-Wizard Mode is "Lifesaver Millions", available after spelling GUARD. A jackpot counts down from 50 million, and shooting any of the five main shots scores the current value.
    • The second sub-Wizard Mode is "Tourist Season", and is available after hitting all five major shots twice to light the five lifeguards (Mitch, Matt, C.J., Caroline, and Stephanie). This is a two-ball multiball with a 25 million jackpot at the right ramp.
    • The one true Wizard Mode is "Earthquake", available after performing CPR, Helicopter Rescue, Trapped Diver, Shark Cove, and Tidal Wave. This is a six-ball multiball mode with a 60-second timer. An earthquake has hit and a car is about to fall over a precipice; shoot the Guard Tower to rescue it and score a 10 million bonus. When the earthquake ends, the game pauses to drain the balls and then resume play.
  • Big Bang Bar has the "Big Bang", which is available only after completing all of the game's modes and features. This is a timed four-ball multiball mode, where you need to score as much points possible while constantly plunging drained balls back into play.
  • The multiball mode in Black Hole is a semi-example - it's generally held as an real achievement, since it's quite difficult to reach, and it enables three balls on two separate playfields.
  • As mentioned above, the Trope Maker is Steve Ritchie's Black Knight 2000, with a Wizard Mode called "The King's Ransom". When the player reaches it, all targets are activated and all balls are in play for 20 seconds.
  • Cutthroat Countdown from Breakshot.
  • Cactus Canyon has "High Noon at the OK Corral", available after getting all three Bart Brothers, getting the Mother Lode Jackpot, making at least ten Combos, and starting both Stampede Multiball and Showdown Multiball. Upon shooting the Gold Mine, the player gets 30 seconds plus one second for every Bad Guy defeated previously. All of the balls are automatically ejected onto the field; hitting 20 Bad Guys before time runs out results in a 20 million point bonus.
    "Oh no... it's High Noon!"
  • The Champion Pub has "Ultimate Challenge", obtained after defeating five opponents and getting the Pub Champion belt. Here, you must fight the other five fighters on one life bar. Notably, if you win or lose the Challenge, you can't play it again (at least on earlier revisions).
  • Cirqus Voltaire has a four-stage wizard mode, called "Join the Cirqus". The stages are as follows: "Spell Cirqus", "Unmask Voltaire", "Meet the Cirqus", and finally, "Party Multiball".
  • Congo has Super Multiball, which is activated after collecting 100 diamonds. All four balls are ejected to the playfield, and the lower gorilla playfield becomes active. Shoot the ramps and saucers for 10 million points, and spell CONGO on the lower playfield for 50 million.
  • Stern's Deadpool has two mini-wizard modes and one proper example:
    • Finishing Sauron Multiball and both quest modes lights "Megakrakolodonus Rex", where the player must build up the jackpot value in order to expose the titular Hybrid Monster's weak point (the L'il Deadpool target); doing so grants 10 seconds where they can collect the jackpot repeatedly.
    • Finishing the Sauron team-up battles with the main three villains lights Clone Multiball, where Mister Sinister unleashes clones of himself upon Deadpool.
    • Finishing both mini-Wizard Modes and Mechsuit Multiball qualifies the actual Wizard Mode, "The Final Battle". It's a Timed Mission in two phases – first collecting every team-up shot in 45 seconds, then shooting various shots to receive jackpots and concluding with the Final Shot within 70 seconds. Finishing this causes the machine to temporarily go dead, draining every ball, before resetting all your mode progress to begin anew.
  • Demolition Man has two:
    • Demoltion Time, which is reached after getting all Cryo-Claw awards. It's a five-ball multiball where all shots are worth 15 million points, and the Explode targets increase the value by 5 million points. Hitting all the Explode targets adds another ball into play.
    • Demolition Jackpot, which is the total score for all multiballs played. It's available after completing all multiball modes, and is collected by shooting the right ramp.
  • Dialed In! has two:
    • "Armageddon": Start all 11 disasters to ready this timed multiball mode. Major shots are lit for Jackpots, while portions of the town get sucked away.
    • "Showdown": Collect 8 Sim Cards by completing disasters/other features to access a final battle against D.I.E. themselves. This is very similar to duels in other pinball games, such as Tales of the Arabian Nights and World Cup Soccer, except D.I.E. constantly attack you with their lasers. If their lasers hit the flippers, your life bar depletes. Deplete their life bar first, by scoring Jackpots and Super Jackpots, to win.
  • While Doctor Who technically doesn't have one of these, the Davros Multiball is very similar to one - it's the endgame mode, you get several balls, and it awards a large number of points.
  • DOOM (Zen Studios) has Cyberdemon Takedown, where you battle the terrifying Cyberdemon, the first boss of the game and a Call-Back to the Final Boss of Doom 3, in an epic 4-phase fight using the weapons you've collected.
  • Stern Pinball's Family Guy has two sub-modes and a genuine Wizard Mode:
    • The first sub-mode is "TV Wizard", available after completing all five TV Modes. Hit the different Jackpot shots before it runs out to score the current value.
    • The second sub-mode is "Stewie Multiball", which starts after Stewie gets all of the other family members in his pinball game. Play both pinball tables at the same time, collecting each character on both for a chance at the Super Jackpot.
    • The Wizard Mode is "Sperm Attack", which can only be reached by performing well in six goals. The mode starts on Stewie's mini-pinball table, but soon migrates to the main playfield; there are four balls in play, and the player must shoot as many jackpot shots as possible. It's even possible to restart "Sperm Attack" when only two balls remain for even more points.
  • Some players consider the multiball in Stern Electronics' Flight 2000 to be an Ur-Example, given how hard it is to reach it.
  • The "Space Cadet" table of Full Tilt! Pinball has the Maelstrom, which can only be activated after getting a rank of Admiral or better, then completing a series of requirements. Getting it rewards five million points and lights every target on the board.
  • Game of Thrones has three:
    • The "Hand of the King" sub-Wizard Mode is activated after lighting four Houses. You begin by making four specific shots for each House, then hit the Battering Ram for the Super Jackpot. This can be repeated up to three times before lighting an even larger Super Jackpot at the Battering Ram.
    • "Winter Has Come" is the second sub-Wizard Mode, and occurs after collecting four of the Houses' hurry-up values from "Winter is Coming". First, confront the Horde by making all seven major shots before the timer runs out. Then fight a Boss by hitting three indicated shots in the time given. Collect four shots during Boss Mode to collect the Winter is Coming Super Jackpot.
    • The final Wizard Mode is the "Iron Throne," which is only available after completing all of the House modes. It requires all seven Houses to be lit, and begins as a two-ball multiball. Make a shot to begin a siege on that House's castle, then complete all seven shots in order and hit the Battering Ram to complete the siege and add another ball. Conquer all seven castles to take the Iron Throne.
  • The Getaway: High Speed II has Redline Mania, a multiball mode with all major targets lit for maximum points.
  • Ghostbusters has three as of the September 2019 update:
    • "We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Its Ass" is started by completing any one of the three scene ladders. It is a 2-4 ball multiball (equal to the number of scenes in the completed ladder that lit it) where all shots are persistently lit for a jackpot.
    • "We're Ready to Believe You!" is started by completing all nine scenes. It is a timed multiball where all ghost shots are lit. Collecting 100 ghosts in 60 seconds will start...
    • "Are You a God?", which was finally added in the 2019 update. It is a multi-stage mode where the player must complete certain tasks to progress.
  • Gottlieb's Gladiators has "The Beast Challenge", which is reached after completing all six Rounds of the Battle Pyramid. The player must decapitate a three-headed dragon by shooting saucers in a specific order.
  • Sega Pinball's GoldenEye has "*GOLDENEYE!*", complete with asterisks and exclamation point. This is a five-ball frenzy where you get 3 million for each shot and 20 million for each ramp. Drained pinballs are returned to the game if you can make enough shots.
  • Golden Logres has "Fandango Multiball", which is reached only after all twelve of the Knights' missions have been completed on all three tables. This is a Timed Mission multiball, where the player tries to get as many Jackpots as possible. Getting a Jackpot briefly extends the time limit, and the game ends when time expires.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy has a mini-wizard mode and two proper ones:
    • The mini-wizard mode (added in an update) is "Cherry Bomb Multiball", available after completing four modes. The player is given 6 balls at once (with unlimited ball saver time) and 60 seconds to score as much as possible; every shot is worth 3 million points initially, but after being completed is reduced to 1 million. Finishing every shot lights a Super Jackpot that resets all of the other shots.
    • "Immolation Initiative" is available after getting at least halfway through every main mode and finishing both multiballs. It begins as a 3-ball multiball that awards Jackpots both at designated shots and after specific numbers of switch triggers.
    • "Save Xandar" is the final wizard mode, available after finishing every mode completely. It’s a 4-ball multiball where the main goal is to score every jackpot to light the final Super Jackpot and save Xandar.
  • Guns N' Roses (Data East) has "Riot", a six-ball multiball available after completing all of the Guitar Modes. Keep the balls in play as long as possible, trying to hit as many targets and switches to spell RIOT, earning more points for each letter spotted.
  • Guns N' Roses (Jersey Jack): Starting all the Album Modes, Tour Multiball, and "Slash Solo" lights the wizard mode, "No Sympathy for the Devil" (also referred to as "Not in This Lifetime"). The devil in question has stolen the band's instruments, and the player must retrieve them one at a time by shooting a specific shot twice, cycling every few seconds. This is complicated by the fact that a different Interface Screw messes with the controls for each band member.
  • High Roller Casino has three Wizard Modes: "Casino Frenzy" (the primary wizard mode, earned by winning all six casino games), "Break the Bank" (earned by reaching 100 chips) and "Super Surprise" (earned by completing Roll 'N Win four times).
  • Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure has "Eternal Life Multiball", a six-ball multiball where the goal is hit all the targets (including the Path of Adventure) for one billion points.
    • The above wizard mode was reused in 1994's The Shadow, called "Final Battle", with the only difference is that it's a five-ball multiball. Brian Eddy programmed both Indiana Jones and The Shadow.
  • Indiana Jones (Stern) has "Final Adventure", reached by finishing all four movie modes.
  • Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast has two:
    • Collecting all the Eddie cards lights "Number of the Beast", where Eddie must take on the Beast in combat. Repeatedly shooting shots allows the former to counter-attack, and draining the latter's health will award 100 million points (alongside the value of any Soul Shards previously collected).
    • The tenth Tomb Award is "Run to the Hills", a 6-ball multiball where every shot is a jackpot, obtaining every power feature lights the super jackpot, and collecting that adds a multiplier to every regular jackpot.
  • Stern's Iron Man also has several:
    • The first sub-Wizard Mode is "Jericho Missile Mayhem", available after advancing the armor to Mark VI. Six targets are enabled for the player to attack; each one awards a progressively larger reward, and accomplishing all of them yields an extra 50 million points.
    • The second sub-Wizard Mode is "Do Or Die", which is enabled after collecting Iron Man and War Machine, defeating Iron Monger and Whiplash, and defeat two sets of Drones — all with one ball. Shoot the center lane to start a 35 million point countdown, then shoot it again to collect the current value.
    • The genuine Wizard Mode is "Do Or Die Multiball", which is only available by collecting Iron Man three times, getting the Super Jackpot for War Machine, Iron Monger, and Whiplash, and defeating four sets of Drones. This is a three-ball multiball, where shooting the Bogey ramps collects the Jackpot, and hitting key targets raises them. It's considered Nintendo Hard due to the sheer difficulty of reaching it, and the player with the highest score is recognized as the "Do or Die Multiball Champion".
  • Jack*Bot (Pin Bot with a casino theme) has the "Casino Run," which becomes available after you play all four casino games. You spin a slot machine at the outset, then have to decide whether to stop and keep all your winnings (points, specials, lit extra balls, etc.) or risk them and keep playing. If you run out of time without earning another spin, or if you spin a bomb without a bucket of water to cancel it out, Casino Run ends immediately and you lose everything.
  • Johnny Mnemonic has the "Power Down", which typically awards several billion points.
  • Jurassic Park (Data East) has "System Failure", a six-ball multiball where each target is worth one million points.
    • Its sequel has "San Diego", based on the climax of the source material where the T-Rex rampages through the town, where any major shot scores an increasing value and any target increases the value.
  • Stern's Jurassic Park has four mini-wizard modes, a true wizard mode, and a postscript mode.
    • Reaching the end of the map by visiting paddocks leads to "Visitor's Center", themed around the raptors getting loose in the titular building. With two balls, the player must repeatedly make two shots to lure them into cold storage – they move to the left every time they're made, starting at the far right before ultimately getting to the far left (including the raptor pen). Once that's done, the balls must be locked and a hurry-up begins; the player must shoot the locked balls to trap the raptors in cold storage and end the mode (and start "Victory Targets" for added scoring opportunity).
    • Finishing the main Control Room modes qualifies "Secure Control Room", where the player progressively shoots every major shot for a hurry-up before shooting the control room to conclude the mode. (The theme here is the raptors attempting to break into the control room.)
    • "Invalid Frenzy" was added as a hidden fourth Control Mode in a post-release update. It's a multiball where the player must trigger enough switch hits to light the jackpot; upon collecting it, it relights for a jackpot worth thrice as much.
    • Getting through all four T-Rex modes and spelling T-R-E-X once more starts "Museum Mayhem", a depiction of the original film's climax. Two shots (representing the raptors in the visitor center entrance) are lit, moving over to the left every few seconds. Shooting one lights the center target, which in turn lights the left ramp to finish off one of the raptors (as the T. rex comes in to kill them). Doing this twice will light the truck, which then lights the left ramp (representing the player making their escape) for 75 million points and a victory multiball.
    • The actual wizard mode, lit by starting every mode above sans "Invalid Frenzy", is "Escape Nublar". There are two primary phases – one where the player must make every possible rescue (which is more difficult if they haven't previously captured the associated dinosaur species), and one where they make their escape by heading back to the entrance of the playfield map. You are given three "trucks" for this mode, with their fuel steadily depleting every second (with certain shots refueling it). Getting to the end leads to a final helipad hurry-up that gives a possibly massive bonus. However the mode ends, the player receives a Non Standard Game Over.
    • Alternately, successfully completing the three prerequisite modes and "Escape Nublar" will immediately start "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth", a 6-ball multiball that invariably runs for 60 seconds (with unlimited ball save). This mode also concludes with a Non Standard Game Over once time runs out.
  • Stern's KISS has three.
    • The first sub-Wizard Mode is "KISS Army", which is available after collecting all four band members' inserts. This is a multiball mode with most of the shots lit. Make all of the lit shots, then hit the Demon for a jackpot.
    • The second sub-Wizard Mode is "Heaven's on Fire", which is available after filling the center playfield grid twice. This is a four-ball multiball where various shots relight parts of the grid. Complete the grid to light a Super Jackpot.
    • The final Wizard Mode is "Rock City", and is only available by getting all of the inserts solidly lit. All shots are initially lit, and hitting them raises the Super Jackpot value. Make each shot enough times to enable the jackpot for that shot; complete all of them to light a Super Jackpot at the Demon.
  • Last Action Hero has the World Premiere, which is available after collecting all of the Dynamite Features and completing LAST ACTION HERO, then shooting the Movie Scoop. After rewarding a bonus for how many Features were finished, the display shows people entering a movie theater while a "People Seated" value counts upward. During this time, shoot the Movie scoop to get one million points per person seated. The mode ends when the Maximum Seating Capacity is reached, which is based on how many Features were completed beforehand.
  • Each of the tables in Last Gladiators has nine Rounds; completing them enables an Ultimate Round for that table.
  • Led Zeppelin:
    • Finishing every tour mode lights World Tour Multiball, where the player is tasked with traveling to ten different cities by making specific shots to accumulate miles. Upon reaching a city, every major shot will light for a jackpot – however, the shot taken will be removed from every subsequent jackpot phase, adding an extra level of difficulty.
    • Getting five gold records on all ten song modes (which the game counts as "finishing" them) lights Top of the Charts Multiball, a mode that revolves around obtaining more records to go platinum on each song. Every major shot adds towards the current song, with several methods of multiplying the number of sales. Losing all but one ball starts a timer, forcing the player to either reach platinum or lose.
    • Getting a platinum record (ten gold records) on every song mode lights ? Multiball, where everything awards a song jackpot determined by the number of song shots the player's made. Each of these jackpots in turn contributes towards the multiball's super jackpot amount. Once the player gets down to a single ball, the mode becomes a Timed Mission where every shot is lit for a super jackpot.
  • Loony Labyrinth has "2,000 B.C.", which is only available after getting the five Galopetra Stones, powering up the Loony Machine, and activating it to return to ancient Minos. The player has to rescue nine Human Sacrifices, kill the Minotaur, and make enough shots to return to 1995.
    • The sequel Mad Daedalus has "Spatiotemporal Rendezvous", which can only be activated after defeating the Minotaur, exploring all three underground tunnels, collecting the Ariadne Award from King Minos Frenzy, and completing the Power Plant. This is a four-ball multiball, and the player can shoot the Minos Palace and the Mino Chamber to restart King Minos Frenzy and Minotaur Multiball. The objective is to simply score as many points as possible before multiball ends.
  • The Lord of the Rings has "Valinor Multiball", which is as difficult to reach as The Simpsons Pinball Party's "Super Duper Mega Extreme Wizard Mode". Keith Johnson, who co-designed and programmed The Simpsons Pinball Party, programmed The Lord of the Rings.
    • Prior to that are the sub-Wizard Modes, "Destroy the Ring" and "There and Back Again".
  • While the original version of The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot doesn't have a wizard mode, the Dutch Pinball Bride of Pin*Bot 2.0 conversion kit massively expands the ruleset, adding two wizard modes:
    • Metamorphosis Multiball: Complete both "phases" of multiball (getting the shuttle to Planet Pin*Bot, followed by completely activating the Bride), then advance her heartbeat to maximum to achieve this. This is a timed multiball frenzy with all major shots lit for Jackpots, depending on how many balls are in play.
    • Big Wheel Billion: All other wheel modes must be played first, including the other 5 Big Wheel modes and any 6 Small Wheel modes. There is a 60 second timer where one must make each shot twice (appearing in sets, one shot for each slot on the wheel). The heartbeat ramp is always last when the second set lights. The heart beating in the background intensifies this experience.
  • The Mandalorian has three mini-wizard modes and a final, full example.
    • Starting each of the three multiball modes lights "Precious Cargo" (based on "The Prisoner"). The player must destroy four droids by hitting shots near the center of the playfield, then make several more while under a time limit.
    • Completing three Encounters lights "You Have What I Want" (based on "The Rescue"). Over multiple phases, the player must make a set number of shots to save the Child from Moff Gideon.
    • Starting five Missions lights "I Like Those Odds" (based on "The Sin". There are three primary phases, each representing part of the Mandalorian's rescue of the Child. All of them require hitting every lit shot to finish, with a "victory lap" period following the mode's completion for bonus points.
    • The final wizard mode, "This is the Way", requires completing all three mini-wizard modes to start. It is composed of three rounds, each beginning with a phase where the player has to make five shots with increasingly narrow requirements. Once that's done, a multiball phase begins and every shot is lit for a jackpot – the timer is determined by how fast the player finished the initial phase. When all three rounds are completed, the player receives ten million points and a signet (which increases the Score Multiplier for the duration of the game afterwards).
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has an unnamed Wizard Mode available after finishing all eight Scenes. The player gets 100 million for each CREATION letter collected, then a one-minute six-ball multiball starts. All targets are worth 1 million points or more, and spelling FRANKENSTEIN nets another 100 million. After the minute is up, the game goes dead while all balls are drained, then the game loads up another ball to continue.
  • The All Rivers Poker Championship in Maverick The Movie. This is a four-ball multiball mode with a 30-second ball saver. Knock down all of the drop targets, then shoot the vertical up-kicker to collect the Championship Pot. Scores are multiplied by the number of balls in play, and the captive ball adds 100 million to the pot. It is possible to repeatedly collect the pot; it does not reset when collected, and can become very large as a result.
  • Medieval Madness has "Battle for the Kingdom".
  • Metallica has two sub-Wizard Modes and one main Wizard Mode.
    • The first sub-Wizard Mode is "Seek and Destroy", and is enabled by collecting all five Hurry Ups.note  During Seek and Destroy, a timer counts down and one lane will begin to strobe; shoot that lane to "Seek" it for a Jackpot and add to the timer, then shoot the Casket to "Destroy" it for a Super Jackpot. This repeats until the timer expires or the ball drains.
    • The second sub-Wizard Mode is "Crank It Up", which is started by scoring fifteen shots on each of the Grave Marker, Sparky, Snake, and Casket targets, then shooting the scoop. During Crank It Up, each ramp or loop adds a Jackpot, with a 15 million bonus for making enough shots. Hitting the four major shots and then the scoop allows you to either finish the mode and collect the points or keep going for more.
    • The final Wizard Mode is "End of the Line", and is enabled by performing Crank It Up five times. It begins with a two-ball multiball, and ends after you drain both balls or make all of the main shots. If one ball is drained, it can be recovered by shooting all of the flashing Spider shots before a timer runs out.
  • While Monopoly doesn't have a Wizard Mode per se, the "Land Grab" mode has enough aspects of one to count. It’s a timed four-ball multiball that can only be obtained after getting all the property groups and railroads.
  • Monster Bash:
    • The sub-Wizard Mode is "Monster Bash", available after starting (but not necessarily finishing) all six monsters' modes. This is a generous four-ball multiball with each monster worth two million points, and the center lane lit for Bash Jackpots.
    • The Wizard Mode is "Monsters of Rock", which is enabled after completing all six monsters' modes so they have their instruments. Shoot the Concert Hall to get a bonus for each instrument collected, then start a four-ball multiball with each monster being worth four million points. Make all of the monsters' shots (or shoot the Mosh Pit) to get the Monsters of Rock jackpot.
  • In The Munsters, starting every major family mode lights "Munster Madness", which comprises two levels. The first involves shooting every major area thrice in 10 seconds, then shooting the scoop for a hurry-up. The second involves shooting said major areas to complete at least one family member (each of which bestow a specific bonus for the remainder of the mode), followed by getting jackpots at each of the four primary shots and then collecting several hurry-ups. Finishing the second level causes it to restart, allowing the player to acquire more bonuses by shooting for a different Munster.
  • NASCAR has two:
    • The sub-Wizard Mode is "Super Party", available after completing all of the Garage modes. This is a three-ball multiball; hit the pop bumpers enough time to count down to zero, then knock down the drop targets light for a Super Jackpot.
    • The main Wizard Mode is "Champion Challenge", available after spelling CHAMP #1 (which is possible only by completing the game's five main challenges). This is a four-ball multiball with all targets lit for maximum value. The player begins in 6th place; hit the Test Car and enter the Garage to advance, and hit the playfield targets to raise the Super Jackpot. Reach first place to collect the Super Jackpot.
  • NBA has "NBA Finals," which is available after completing all six World Championship objectives. Again, this is a timed mode where all four pinballs are launched onto the table and the player has 60 seconds to make as many shots into the basket as possible. Each shot made awards a value, starting at 600,000 points and increasing by 100,000 per basket.
  • NBA Fastbreak has Trophy Multiball, which begins after finishing the game's six main tasks. You must shoot the center ramp (worth 2 points) repeatedly and outscore the other team in order to win, and you have 20 seconds and unlimited balls in order to do so.
  • Each table of Necronomicon has a sub-Wizard Mode and a main Wizard Mode.
    • The sub-Wizard Mode is accessed by spelling a word on the table, such as MADNESS or AWAKETHEMACHINE. This starts a three-ball multiball, and making a key shot turns it into a seven-ball multiball round.
    • The Wizard Mode of each table is only available after completing the lesser Rounds of each table. This is a seven-ball multiball with all targets worth 200,000 multiplied by the number of balls in play. When three or fewer balls are left in play, it is possible to restart multiball with all seven balls by making a specific set of shots.
  • No Fear: Dangerous Sports has "Meet Your Maker", a four-ball multiball with everything lit.
    Skull: "It's time to Meet Your Maker! And I'm driving!"
  • No Good Gofers has the Hole-In-One Challenge, which starts after every ninth completed hole.
  • "Final Assault" in Operation: Thunder, which is available only after completing all eleven missions prior, and requires the player to destroy every major enemy target on the playfield. Successfully doing so rewards the player with a bonus of 99 million points, a promotion to Five-Star General (which is worth another 50 million points), and ends the game (if enabled by the operator). Accomplished players are noted in a separate high score table.
  • Capcom's Pinball Magic makes this the final challenge of the magic trials, a showdown against Matra Magna. As you make all of the main shots, her illusion of youth is removed, revealing her true age. Complete the challenge to shoot her with a pistol and turn her into a skeleton for 500 million points.
  • Jersey Jack Pinball's Pirates of the Caribbean has no fewer than five "Wizard Modes" (that are really more like mini-wizard modes, in spite of their name), one for each of the franchise's films. Each of these are activated by playing through 5 chapters and the multiball themed after that film.
    • "The Cursed Treasure of Cortés" (based on The Curse of the Black Pearl) has the player acquire 882 pieces of Aztec gold, done by hitting any switch (with certain targets adding more than others).
    • "Battle the Kraken" (based on Dead Man's Chest) requires shooting the upper loop 20 times before shooting the Captain's Quarters to end the mode (representing lowering a gunpowder net and actually defeating the kraken, respectively). Adding an extra hurdle are the kraken's six tentacles, which advance towards the top of the display screen and will end the mode should all of them get there. They can be stopped briefly by hitting a specific shot, but once it turns red they can't be deterred.
    • "Escape the Locker" (based on At World's End) involves rocking the ship on the display repeatedly to escape the Locker.
    • "Battle for the Fountain of Youth" (based on On Stranger Tides) unsurprisingly begins at the Fountain of Youth on the playfield.
    • "Don't Betray the Compass" (based on Dead Men Tell No Tales) begins at the Devil's Triangle.
    • Completing all five of the above leads to the "Ultimate Wizard Mode": "Break the Curse".
  • Stern's Pirates of the Caribbean has Four Winds Multiball, a two-part four-ball multiball challenge. The first goal is to freeze and collect the four Wind Jackpots; do so without draining too many balls begins the Gauntlet of Pirates, where the player must repeatedly shoot the spinning disc at Port Royal to light one of the major shots, then shoot it to collect a Gauntlet Point. The player with the most Gauntlet Points is recognized as the Pirate King.
  • Plants vs. Zombies Pinball has a showdown with Dr. Zomboss, where waves of zombies will march forward while he attacks with balls of ice or fire. Destroy four of his attacks with the opposite element, then shoot Zomboss to defeat him.
  • Popeye Saves the Earth
    • The first sub-Wizard Mode is Sea Hag Multiball, and is enabled by collecting four Items — Can Opener, Baby Bottle, Ketchup, Flower. During this mode, return the Items to their owners to collect the jackpot.
    • The second sub-Wizard Mode is Bluto Multiball, enabled by locking three balls in the Lockjaw under his chin. This is a three-ball multiball, and the objective is to repeatedly shoot the left ramp to collect the Jackpot, then shoot the Lockjaw to relight it.
    • The final Wizard Mode is "Rescue Olive", a six-ball multiball mode. To reach it, the player must rescue all five animals, complete the Sea Hag and Bluto multiball modes, Find Swee'pea, and defeat Bluto's four companies. To collect the Jackpot, collect five Spinach Cans and shoot the lock beneath Bluto's jaw to Save Olive.
  • Pro Pinball: Big Race USA has one sub-Wizard Mode and two Wizard Modes:
    • "The Big Race" is the sub-Wizard Mode, an auto race represented by a 100-second, five-ball multiball mode. Winning requires the player to stay ahead of the other cars by making key shots.
    • The first Wizard Mode is "The Really Big Race", and is only available by completing six separate tasks and paying $100,000. This is a six-ball multiball that lasts for 100 seconds; the goal is to shoot each car three times, shoot the Police Car twice, then shoot into the Taxi for 500 million points.
    • The second Wizard Mode is "Million Dollar Madness", and has to be bought by earning $1,000,000 (not points). This is a ten-ball multiball. Everything on the playfield is lit for 1 million points, and complete all eighty-four lights scores an extra one billion points.
  • Pro Pinball: Timeshock! has two:
    • "Timeshock Frenzy" is the sub-Wizard Mode, a five-ball multiball that lasts two minutes. You must lock four crystal fragments (balls) into the playfield's center crystal, then shoot the middle scoop to score 1 billion points.
    • The Wizard Mode is "Wizard Frenzy", which is only available if you complete "Timeshock Frenzy" and have all eight pieces of Tachyonium. Here, you go to The End of Time and start a six-ball-multiball mode that lasts for one minute.
  • Pro Pinball: The Web has the "Ultimate Showdown", a six-ball multiball mode with a 30-second ball saver. Hit the spinner until the villainess is cornered, then defeat her for a one billion point bonus.
  • Red & Ted's Road Show has the "Super Payday" wizard mode. Visit any of the three cities on the West Coast, then lock two balls before its mode times out. Ted slams the bulldozer blade down and destroys the Earth, starting a multiball frenzy with everything lit for maximum points.
  • Rescue 911 has "Life Force", a 30-second frenzy. The six major shots are worth one million points each, and getting all of them awards 30 million. There's also "Super Life Force", which plays the same except it adds an extra shot, and completing all seven shots awards one billion points.
  • Safe Cracker has a sort-of example: after beating the main game, using the Magic Token awarded at the end of it starts "Assault on the Vault", a 4-ball multiball where you have 90 seconds to shoot as many shots as you can.
  • Scared Stiff has two wizard modes. The first, "Monster Multiball", is relatively easy to activate and requires the player to complete all six "Tales of Terror", then make alternating ramp and crate shots to fill the "Stiff-O-Meter". The second, far harder "Spider Mania" wizard mode requires the player to light all 16 spots on the spider wheel on the backglass, a tough feat as the scoop has to be reactivated with a ramp shot each time, and stopping the spinning spider requires precise timing.
  • The final round in Sharkey's Shootout is "The Web," played against Real Life pool expert Jeanette "The Black Widow" Lee. Shoot four key shots to collect the four Jackpots and start Web Hurry-Up, then shoot the Black Widow drop target to collect the current Web value. This repeats until only one ball remains.
  • Shrek, which uses the same playfield and ruleset as Family Guy, changed the names to match the film franchise — the sub-Wizard Modes are now "Swamp Wizard" and "Donkey Multiball", while the main Wizard Mode is "Far Far Away".
  • The Simpsons Pinball Party has its infamously hard-to-reach "Super Duper Mega Extreme Wizard Mode". Simply reaching it requires completing six separate and difficult goals; players who have reached it have taken an unspoken oath not to tell others what happens... There is documentation of it, however.
  • In Sega Pinball's Starship Troopers, after all five planets have been cleared of Bugs and Nuked, the player begins an attack on their homeworld of Klendathu. This is a 30-second mode with unlimited balls and all targets lit; you must kill nine Bugs of each species and make all five Nuke shots. Successfully doing so awards a 50 million completion bonus.
  • Stern Pinball's Star Trek has three tiers of Modes; completing each tier awards the "Captain's Chair":
    • The first Sub-Wizard Mode is the "Kobyashi Maru", which is available after completing all of the Modes once.
    • The second Sub-Wizard Mode is "Enterprise Amok", available after finishing all Modes twice. The player must hit each main shot twice, each one worth an escalating value starting from 500,000 points.
    • The actual Wizard Mode is “Five Year Mission,” which is activated by finishing all Modes three times. This is a four-ball multiball, and the player must hit all targets to collect the Super Jackpot.
  • After completing all seven missions on Star Trek: The Next Generation, the "Final Frontier" mission is available. Upon starting it, the game first awards points for all the artifacts the player has collected; the Final Frontier then begins, a six-ball multiball mode, where each target's value is determined by the number of artifacts. The game has been known to crash at this point.
  • Star Wars (Data East) doesn't have a Wizard Mode, but a December 2012 software update elevated the Double Jackpot to this status, with a minimum value of 50 million points.
    "Double Jackpot should be the highest award overall. This needs to be the money shot. Nothing in the game should trump it! You are blowing up the Death Star!!!"
    — Developer notes for the software upgrade
  • Sega's Star Wars Trilogy has "The Redemption of Darth Vader", which is only available after completing the game's six primary goals. Starting it invokes a two-ball multiball mode for 50 seconds, where the player must load one pinball into the X-Wing, use the second pinball to hit the dropdown targets in front of Vader, then launch the first ball through the resulting hole.
  • Star Wars (Stern) has "Jedi Multiball", which is lit by finishing "Lightsaber Duel" and "Escape from Boba Fett", shooting down 100 TIE fighters, leveling up to Jedi Master, and starting each of the four planets’ multiball modes. The player (initially only using one ball) faces off against the Emperor by hitting blue-colored shots – the first time, it adds a second ball into play, while the second time finishes the mode. (Taking too long causes more shots to be added, too.)
  • South Park had two five-ball multiball modes, depending on whether or not you finished the five characters' modes.
  • Space Jam has "Final Jam," available after completing all seven game modes. This is a Timed Mission where all five pinballs are launched into the playfield, and the object is to shoot the basket as frequently as possible within 60 seconds. Each target adds 10,000 points to the award value, and the basket collects it.
  • Spider Man (Stern):
    • The sub-Wizard Mode is the "Battle Royale", which is available after beating each villain twice. This is a multiball mode where the player must complete hits on each foe to light the Royale bonus, then collect it at the right ramp.
    • The main Wizard Mode is "Super Hero", available after beating each villain three times and completing the five non-villain modes. Hit all the red arrows, then hit all four villains and the white arrows, hit Sandman over forty times, then shoot the Spider-Sense shot for 250 million points.
  • Stargate has two:
    • "Stargate Multiball" is available after completing the seven Segments and reassembling the Stargate. The seven major shots are worth 20 million points each, and making all of them awards the Super Jackpot.
    • The "Eye of Ra" is enabled after completing all six game modes. This is a three-stage four-ball multiball — hit the Glidercraft several times, shoot under both levitating Guardians, then shoot the Pyramid three times.
  • Gottlieb's Street Fighter II pinball has the Champion Challenge, available after defeating all twelve Street Fighters. You must defeat all of them using the same ball to be recognized as the new Master.
  • In Tales from the Crypt, completing all twelve "Creature Features" enables "Crypt Jam", a six-ball multiball mode. All shots are worth 1 million points, and the mode ends when only one ball remains.
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights has "Genie Battle", a two-stage mode which is only available after getting all seven jewels. The player must first fight through the genie's skeletal soldiers by shooting the Golden Symbols on the playfield. After defeating them, a four-ball multiball starts, and the video display shows the trapped princess between the genie and the player. Shoot the Symbols quickly to rescue the princess, defeat the genie, and collect a 20 million point bonus.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Stern) has three of these, each of which must be played sequentially.
    • Finishing four episodes lights "Team Up". The Shredder kidnaps the other three turtles, and your chosen turtle (along with a partner specific to them) must get through various villains to rescue them. The rules change depending on the specific episodes that have been completed.
    • Finishing all eight episodes lights "Final Battle", where the player must stop the Shredder from taking over the world with a cavalry from Dimension X. It comes in three phases: the first is a multiball requiring the player to get past his army of Foot Soldiers, the second has the turtles enter Dimension X to fight Bebop and Rocksteady, and the third is another multiball where they return to Earth and must drain Shredder, Krang, and Slash's health by making various shots.
    • "Cowabunga Multiball" is the final wizard mode, requiring the player to start "Final Battle", max out and collect a Krang Kombo, achieve 5 April Hurry-Ups and a Weapon Hurry-Up, complete a 1-2-3 Foot Combo, and collect a Jackpoto Grande and Triple Mondo Jackpot.
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines has "Final Battle", a multiball mode where you must repeatedly hit the taunting T-X to weaken her. After that, shoot the ramps and loops, then finally Finish Her by hitting the T-X until she's destroyed, after which it starts all over again, but with "Payback Time", "RED", and "RPG" modes, and "Multiball" activated alongside it for "Blitz".
  • Theatre of Magic has The Grand Finale, which is only available after performing all eight illusions, starting Hurry-Up by spelling THEATRE, starting Midnight Madness, and performing Magic Multiball at least once. The Finale itself gives you one ball and 60 seconds to hit all the major loops/ramps and spell M-A-G-I-C-T-H-E-A-T-R-E. Succeed and you score 500 million points.
  • In The Who's Tommy, "Pinball Wizard" is a six-ball multiball mode, which is reached after completing all twelve Union Jacks. Every 25 targets or switches hit awards one letter in WIZARD, a progressive bonus, and launches another ball.
  • Transformers:
    • The sub-Wizard Mode is "Sentinel Prime Battle", which is started after completing the Battle Mode for all of the characters in your faction. With one ball, shoot the game's six main shots twice each, then shoot the Allspark Saucer to collect the Super Jackpot.
    • The final Wizard Mode is "Battle for Cybertron," and is available after completing the Battle Mode for all ten Transformers characters. This is a six-ball multiball mode, where you must shoot the game's six main shots three times each, then shoot the Allspark Saucer. The Battle continues until only one ball remains.
  • TRON: Legacy requires the player to complete seven goals, then reach The Portal to start Portal Multiball. Make two ramp shots and two outer loops, then hit the Disc Battle, and all major shots are worth 1 million points.
  • The Twilight Zone has "Lost In The Zone", which is reached after collecting all of the door panels. In this mode, all six balls are launched onto the playfield (and all of the goals of the game are lit), and the player has 45 seconds to make as many shots as possible.
  • Stern Pinball’s The Walking Dead has quite a few:
    • ”Blood Bath” could be considered one, albeit the easiest one to reach. This is started after collecting all three “Supplies” awards from the drop target bank, and is a multiball where all switches score points. Completing the drop targets will score jackpots and will add up to three additional balls back in play.
    • ”Siege” is reached upon killing twelve walkers during Prison Multiball. This is a one-ball affair in which the player must shoot the prison and various lit arrows to advance through the siege. Shots to the prison itself will also spot shots for the player.
    • ”Horde” is lit at the Woodbury shot upon finishing all six Multi Kill rounds. This mode sees the player’s Last Stand against a relentless horde of walkers. Shots must be made to kill the approaching walkers, whose distance from the player is measured via the column of inserts in front of each main shot. Killing enough of them will advance a “stage” and add another ball into play, along with giving out a bonus. The mode ideally ends by escaping from the Horde during single-ball play, but can also end by draining in single-ball play or getting bit by an approaching walker.
    • ”Escape Terminus” begins after the player has at least started all five Dead Feature modes. The player must make shots to cash in their previous mode totals and help the survivors bust out of Terminus.
    • ”Crossbow Frenzy”, given how hard it is to even start, could be considered this. The mode is begun once the player makes all five shots during the “Crossbow” mode (where the player “loads” the crossbow and has one chance to make a lit shot in a short amount of time).
    • ”Last Man Standing” -quite possibly the most difficult wizard mode to get to in the game- is started once the player has killed one hundred and fifteen walkers during normal play. During this mode, players must make lit shots to fend off oncoming walkers while waiting for a helicopter to arrive.
  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory has "Pure Imagination", which can only be reached upon collecting all five Golden Tickets (which itself requires fulfilling five hefty goals elsewhere in the game).
  • Though it doesn't fit the conventional form of a Wizard Mode, White Water has two stages comparable to a sub-Wizard Mode and a final Wizard Mode.
    • Advancing the raft to Wet Willie's River Ranch starts "Wet Willie's," a quasi-sub-Wizard Mode. It begins with the player visiting all seven Hazards, whereupon he has 25 seconds to hit a single roving Hazard, which changes every few seconds. The game rewards 100 million for completing Wet Willie's; after the mode ends, the raft is reset to the start of the river.
    • The hardest goal in the game is completing the Vacation Planner. This requires the player to raise the River Class to Class VI, start "Wet Willie's" at some point during the game, collect all six Whirlpool Awards from the Boulder Garden, and lock three balls in No Way Out. The pinball machine will go dead, pause, sound a fire alarm, display a Blipvert barrage of random animation frames, then rewards a free game and the Vacation Jackpot, which starts at 200 million points. Unlike a Wizard Mode, however, there's nothing that the player needs to do — simply locking the balls is enough to collect the Vacation Jackpot.
  • Jersey Jack Pinball's The Wizard of Oz was designed by Joe Balcer and programmed by Keith Johnson, who previously worked on The Simpsons Pinball Party and The Lord of the Rings... and it shows.
    • The sub-Wizard Mode is "Battle The Wicked Witch", which is reached by finishing Emerald City multiball, rescuing Dorthy, and getting through both the Wicked Witch Attack and Fireball Frenzy.
    • The true Wizard Mode is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", and can only be reached by finishing the game's eight main objectives — advance down the Yellow Brick Road, collect three gifts from the Wizard in Emerald City, finish all of the Munchkin modes, complete Fireball Frenzy, collect the Emeralds from the Wicked Witch, play all Crystal Ball modes, collect all the Haunted Modes, and score a Mega Jackpot in Rescue Multiball.
  • World Cup Soccer, appropriately enough, has the 5-ball World Cup Finals, obtained by getting the final city (Los Angeles). There, you must defeat Germany in order to become champion.
  • The very complex World Poker Tour game from Stern Pinball had a few of them:
    • "Poker Wizard" is started after getting through all 6 Poker Corner modes. This is a multiball in which the jackpots are determined by the number of modes you have completed (represented as "trophies").
    • The "WPT World Championships" multiball wizard mode is reached upon beating enough opponents in each of six cities listed on the playfield.
    • "Keefer Invitational" (named after World Poker Tour programmer Keith Johnson). To reach it, the player must score 25 million points each of the following: Ace and the Hole and No Limit multiballs, hurryups, the pot value, drop targets, and Poker Corner modes, along with successfully winning the WPT World Championships. All in one game.
  • WWF Royal Rumble has the "Royal Rumble," available after starting all nine main game modes. Hit either Start Mode hole, then make all three wrestler shots to start the Rumble. Hit the pop bumpers 20 times or knock down all of the top drop targets to eliminate a wrestler. After eliminating all nine wrestlers, the three wrestler shots will be lit; making each one rewards an increasing bonus, starting from 30 million up to 90 million. The mode ends when only one ball remains in play.
  • The X-Files has "Blood", which can only be activated after starting every episode (and the X-Files Trivia challenge) and then shooting the FBI scoop one more time. You’re given four balls, an infinite ball-saver, and 60 seconds to achieve as many jackpots as you can. (The ramps give a normal jackpot; however, the cabinet’s jackpot increases every time you get a ramp jackpot. The catch is that the cabinet is constantly moving, and you have to get it in the top drawer for the points.)
  • Stern Pinball's X-Men is supposed to have two sub-Wizard Modes and a final Wizard Mode:
    • "Danger Room" is the sub-Wizard Mode available after completing all of the X-Men's modes. This is a four-ball multiball mode, where the goal is to hit every major shot twice, then shoot the Blackbird scoop and collect the Super Jackpot.
    • "Dark Phoenix" is the sub-Wizard Mode for completing all of the Villains' modes. Jean goes mad with power and lights up (nearly) every target on the table. With a single ball, hit every lit target twice for a progressively increasing Jackpot, then shoot the Blackbird scoop and collect the Super Jackpot.
    • There is also supposed to be a final Wizard Mode, but it it currently Dummied Out with a "Multiball Wizard Mode" placeholder text.
  • The Zen Pinball table based upon Portal has the reenactment of the first game's boss battle against GLaDOS as the game's Wizard Mode, obtainable after doing all of GLaDOS's tests.


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