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Video Game / Pro Pinball: The Web

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Isn't this a job for Spider-Man?

You are a Cyber Biker in the near future. High above the earth in her Space Station sits the evil ruler of The Web, the Dark Queen. You must battle through numerous missions and tasks to earn the chance to defeat her in the Ultimate Showdown.

On your way to the Showdown you will do battle in The Web itself (a fast paced 3D video mode), you'll have to find a way to destroy the Space Station in the Space Station Frenzy (a three ball mode), and master combo shots to take on Combo Mania (a special high scoring round).

Only when you have completed FIVE special tasks will the Ultimate Showdown (an incredible SIX ball frenzy) be ready for you — will you be ready for it?

The first game in the Pro Pinball series is Pro Pinball: The Web. It was originally released in 1996 for the IBM Personal Computer, then later ported to the Apple Macintosh, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn.

The nominal story of The Web casts the player as a motorcycle rider who has been sent out to challenge the "Dark Queen". This enigmatic woman is out to Take Over the World by infesting everything with her spiders. Now the player must stop her by racing bikes, stopping a shuttle, raiding skyscrapers, and doing various other odd tasks until he can reach the Ultimate Showdown and stop her once and for all... or something like that.

Upon its release, The Web was lauded as one of the most realistic digital pinball games ever; subsequent Pro Pinball titles have eclipsed it with their more complex gameplay, but the game still holds up today and is fondly remembered by many fans.


Pro Pinball: The Web demonstrates the following tropes:

  • Anti-Frustration Features: The Web has a rather generous ball saver at the launch of each ball.
  • Bug War: Presumably, this is the Dark Queen's plan.
  • Collision Damage: Done in the "Biker Challenge" mission, where you must repeatedly make key shots to bump your opponent off the road.
  • Combo: Performing at least 15 combos are needed to get Combo Mania. Furthermore, players who shoot a long sequence of combo shots are recognized as the "Combo Champion".
  • Excuse Plot: The official story is rather vague, and the actual tasks you perform don't really fit into any coherent narrative, so just roll with it.
  • Fixed Camera
  • French Jerk: The Dark Queen comes across like this at times, particularly with her indecipherable accent.
  • Going Critical: One of the Missions requires stopping a runaway reactor.
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  • Got the Whole World in My Hand: The Dark Queen is seen clutching the world with both hands on the backglass.
  • Pinball Scoring: Can eventually become this, provided long ball times. Since there's no Cap to Jackpots and spinner values, scores can reach the hundreds of billions and even in the trillions. So much so that the game can't handle trillions, and the first digit shown is a letter instead.
  • Ramp Jump: Done with the Bike Ramp.
  • Shout-Out: The playfield mostly resembles Star Trek: The Next Generation, with additional things, like the Magna-Flip feature from Rollergames.
  • Skill Shot: Shoot the Dock ramp after launch for the Skill Shot. Alternately, shoot the Loop and then the Dock Ramp for a Super Skill Shot.
  • Take Over the World: The Dark Queen's goal, duh.
  • Timed Mission: All of the Missions.
  • Updated Re Release: The eventual ULTRA Edition. But, in the meantime, someone made a Visual Pinball version.
  • Video Mode: Available at Power Level 5; various obstacles approach the player, who must use the flipper buttons to shoot down hazards while allowing beneficial items to pass intact.
  • Wizard Mode: After completing all of the Missions and getting Combo Mania, Power Level 8, the maximum bonus, and the Ultra Jackpot, the game starts "Ultimate Showdown", a six-ball multiball mode with a 30-second ball saver. Hit the spinner enough times to corner the Dark Queen, then defeat her for a one billion point bonus.


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