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Pinball / TRON: Legacy

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"Oh man, I'm all over this!"

TRON: Legacy is a pinball based on the movie of the same name. It was designed by John Borg of Stern Pinball, illustrated by John Youssi, and released in August 2011.

The game casts the player as Sam Flynn, who has inadvertently entered the digital world of The Grid while searching for his missing father Kevin. Not only does Sam find his dad and the ISO Quorra, but he's also attracted the attention of Clu and his mysterious enforcer, Rinzler. To escape, Sam and Quorra must now make their way through Clu and his followers, race light cycles, dodge Recognizers, and survive the Disc Battles to reach the Portal and return to the real world.

As expected from a Licensed Game, the game liberally uses voices, videos, and music from the movie. The pinball itself was released in four different editions, each distinguished by different translite displays on the backbox. The first two releases also allowed operators to install an optional shaker motor in the game cabinet.

This pinball provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Always Night: True to the movie, the pinball playfield is a bit darker than other pins.
  • Combos: The valuable End of the Line Jackpot is collected by making consecutive shots and then shooting the Flynn's Arcade saucer, with longer combos awarding more points.
  • Score Multiplier: One of the timed awards that the bank of TRON targets can award is Double Scoring. Unlike many other pinballs, this doubles end-of-ball bonuses if the ball is drained while it is still running.
  • Skill Shot: Several skill shots are available, including a soft launch to Flynn's Arcade and a loop to the upper-left flipper for a chance at a ramp shot.
  • Spelling Bonus: Spelling TRON invokes various special features, ZUSE starts a timed scoring mode, and CLU lights the "Terminate Clu" mode (or spots a shot within the mode).
  • Tron Lines: All over the playfield, most notably on the ramps when the playfield blacks out.
  • Wizard Mode:
    • Complete all seven goals, then reach The Portal to start Portal Multiball. As four pinballs bounce around the playfield, you must shoot the two outer loops and the two ramps, then hit the Disc Battle, whereupon all of the major shots are worth 1 million points.
    • There's a Sea of Simulation mini-Wizard mode, where the player has a chance to complete the unfinished objectives sequentially to start Portal Multiball.