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Pinball / The Lost World: Jurassic Park

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Blockbuster Movie, Blockbuster Game!


The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a 1997 pinball machine by John Borg and Sega Pinball, being a sequel to Data East's Jurassic Park and themed after the movie of the same name. It has the player going through five modes, each recreating a scene from the movie, before reaching the Wizard Mode: San Diego, where the T-Rex rampages and any major shot scores an increasing value, and any target increases the value.

One of its main gimmicks is the large T-Rex egg that breaks steadily, ultimately revealing the baby T-Rex inside. It also had an optional topper replicating the film's logo, and a curvy 3D backglass.

This pinball machine contains examples of:

  • Eaten Alive: When you collect the points during the "San Diego" Wizard Mode, the screen shows an animation of the T-Rex munching on a victim, complete with blood and guts oozing out of its mouth. The T-Rex even burps afterward.
  • Giant Foot of Stomping: The T-Rex in the Skill Shot.
  • Nerf: The Smart Missile, which collected every lit shot in the previous game, now only collects things related to multiball.
  • Skill Shot: Combined with Video Mode, like its predecessor: this time, you have to get the T-Rex to stomp on some humans. Succeeding gives 200,000 points, but a missed one still gives a decent 50,000. Occasionally, a "Super Skill Shot" pops up, with the humans replaced with stranger objects like a shark fin, a grandma, and ET of all things.
  • Smart Bomb: The Smart Missile must be earned from the Egg Scoop (though it's practically always earned the first time said scoop is activated). It's also been nerfed from the first game, as it only activates things related to Multiball, while the first game had it activate any lit shots.
  • Spelling Bonus: A major gameplay mechanic: S-I-T-E-B activates the "Site B" mode, T-R-E-X starts "Mobile Lab", and R-A-P-T-O-R starts Raptor Multiball.
  • Stock Footage: Many of the animations are reused from the Data East game.
  • Timed Mission: Every mode, and once the timer drops below ten seconds a target that gives more time is lit.
  • Video Mode: A very small one: you have to swing from two ropes in order to avoid a looming T-Rex. Winning nets 350,000 points, losing gives 100,000, and a failed run where you manage to get to the first rope awards 150,000.
  • Wizard Mode: "San Diego", which replicates the T. rex's climactic rampage in the titular city. There, any major shot scores an increasing value and any target increases the value.