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There was a house full of musical cats
Who lived without a care in the world
Until a knock on the door changed it all forevermore
How will they ever take care of this little girl?

Kitty Is Not a Cat is an Australian-produced cartoon series, described as being "in the style of Monsters, Inc., Three Men and a Baby and with a little Top Cat thrown in." It centers around a little girl named Kitty, who is at that age where a child feels they can be anything they want... and what Kitty wants to be is a cat.

One day, a group of actual, stray cats who live in an old decaying mansion (left to them by an eccentric baroness) find the little girl on their doorstep and reluctantly take her into their household. The cats initially aren't quite sure what to do with this tiny human who dresses in an orange cat suit and only speaks in incomprehensible meows and purrs, but do their best to take care of her and perhaps teach her more about being a human.

The series offically premiered 20 April 2018 on 7TWO in Australia. The intro to the series can be seen here, and a teaser trailer here. Full episodes can be watched on the official YouTube channel here.


The series was renewed for a second season in September 2018 that is set to premiere in November 2019. In October 2019, it was renewed for a third season.

This series provides examples of:

  • Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal: While most of the cats wear either nothing or perfectly normal cat collars, three of them fall under this category:
    • King Tubby wears a tin can on his head, which is meant to be a crown.
    • The Nazz wears a scarf and a hat.
    • Miley wears eyeglasses.
  • Badly Battered Babysitter: Spook turns into one for Kitty in one episode — though it's actually more his own fault than Kitty's.
  • Cats Are Superior: Generally the attitude adopted by most of the cast, including Kitty... though in reality, the cats are generally not as much on top of the game as they think they are.
  • Cute Kitten: Timmy-Tom is naturally this. Kitty does her best to be one... and though she isn't an actual cat, she does tend to succeed in being utterly adorable.
  • Cute Mute: Kitty never speaks; she only communicates in cat sounds, which neither the audience nor the actual cats understand.
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  • Expository Theme Tune: The theme song explains how Kitty came to live with the cats, and introduces some of the cats.
  • Fake Aristocrat: King Tubby claims to be the king of all cats. In reality he's just another stray, and not a particularly bright one at that.
  • Fearless Fool: Kitty, in most circumstances. One episode does reveal that she is afraid of the dark, but for the most part she's utterly fearless and not particularly aware of danger when it threatens.
  • Funny Animal: The cats occupy this role, and are even seen talking to humans. Which of course makes Kitty's meows all the more baffling.
  • Ironic Name: Mr Clean, who (unusually for a cat) is The Pig Pen.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • Ming is rude, haughty and dismissive at the best of times, but he cares more than he lets on.
    • The mice can be real jerks at times, but they will help out if it's an emergency.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: King Tubby thinks he's an expert on humans and human behaviour. About Once an Episode he'll lapse into a detailed explanation on some particularity about humans, which is without fail based on a spectacular misunderstanding.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Or at least loads and loads of major characters, as can be seen in the Crowded Cast Shot above. There are fifteen cats who live in the mansion — sixteen if you include Kitty. In addition, you have mice, birds and the human neighbors in smaller recurring roles.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Kitty, although it's unclear whether this really is her name or just what she likes to be called.
    • Some of the cats have very descriptive names: King Tubby is rather fat, Thorn has a "thorny" personality, Happy is always smiling, and Spook is easily startled.
    • The human neighbors, the Stinkletons, are about as comically unpleasant as their name suggests.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": It's "The Nazz," thank you very much.
  • The Smart Guy: There are three of them among the fifteen cats:
    • Miley is the bespectacled Deadpan Snarker youngster who generally knows better than most what's going on but seldom bothers to do anything about it.
    • The Nazz is the down-to-Earth old-timer who usually dispenses the words of wisdom.
    • Mr Clean is the cat equivalent of a Gadgeteer Genius.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: And so, apparently, do smart cats — at least if Miley is any indication.
  • Team Mom: Petal is referred to as one on her character page at the official website.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Thorn and Petal have very feminine shapes with wide hips and hints towards hourglass figures — plus, Thorn wears lipstick, for some reason. Miley has a similar body shape to the male cats, but has pink fur. The trope is completely averted with Luna, who doesn't have any visible feminine characteristics.


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