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"Would you like a dog, like a dog, like Kipper, Kipper the dog?"
They call him Kipper...
Kipper the Dog.
The dog with the slipper...
That's Kipper. Kipper the dog.
By the way, that's a toad, not a frog.

Kipper is a British Nick Jr. show, running from 1997 to 2000. It was based on the book series by Mick Inkpen.

The show follows the lives of Kipper, an anthropomorphic dog, and his friends, Tiger the Scottish Terrier, Pig the pig, Arnold the pig, and Jake the sheepdog.

Although never formally released as a full series, many DVDs are available and these DVDs have also been made available on Amazon as streaming video compilations, free to watch to subscribers. Installments of the series also aired at one time on Sprout.

Compare Wibbly Pig and Future-coming Furry Tales, two other series created by Mick Inkpen and with a somewhat similar character design style and feel.


Tropes in Kipper:

  • Amusing Alien: The Bleepers.
  • Annoying Patient: In "Tiger's Cold", Tiger has a cold and Kipper takes care of him. It turns out Tiger was faking it the whole time.
  • Balloonacy: Occurs in "Arnold's Balloon Trip", where Arnold's balloon carries him up to a candy mountain in the clouds, and the others follow him to get him down.
  • Berserk Button: The gosling does not like ducks at all. Even chicks anger it because they look like ducks.
  • Big Eater:
    • When describing Rolly-Polly to Pig, Kipper says that Rolly is always hungry. This is illustrated when Kipper gives Rolly the rest of his slice of cake. Rolly shoves the piece into his mouth in one bite.
      Kipper: He keeps his food in his cheeks. Look.
    • Pig also qualifies. In certain episodes, such as "Clay Time" and "The Fair," food is his primary motivation. This was later deconstructed in "Pig's Shop" when he gets a stomachache from eating too much candy. For more information, see Didn't Think This Through below.
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  • Character Title: Featuring the lead dog of our show, Kipper.
  • Cheated Angle: Kipper has a huge forehead when seen from the front, but his forehead shrinks when he turns to the side.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper:
    • In "Pig's Shop", Tiger claims to have an unbeatable conker that he challenges Kipper with. Turns out it's just a gobstopper that Tiger bought from Pig.
    • In "The Big Race", Tiger gets on his bike during the race, pointing out they never said what kind of race it is. He promptly crashes into the duck pond.
  • Critical Research Failure: A few in-universe examples, ones that Kipper corrects.
    • In "The Goldfish", Tiger refers to his pet tadpole as a type of fish. At the end of the episode, when the tadpole has matured and left, Kipper explains to Tiger that tadpoles aren't fish; they're baby frogs. Tiger finds that idea ridiculous.
    • In "The Butterfly", Kipper asks Pig if he knows what colors make purple. Pig says blue and green make purple, and Kipper corrects him by saying it's blue and red. However, Kipper is uncertain as to what blue and green make insteadnote .
  • Cute Mute: Arnold.
  • A Dog Named "Cat": Tiger is a Scottish terrier, not a tiger.
  • A Dog Named "Dog":
    • The pig is named "Pig" and the mouse is named "Mouse." Averted with everyone else.
    • In "Kipper the Hero", Jake has a kitten that he named "Kitten."
  • Didn't Think This Through: In "Pig's Shop", rather than let the customers taste the candy, he instead eats the candy and gives a description of what each one tastes like. However, Jake is unable to decide which candy he wants and asks for Pig to try each candy several times, resulting in Pig getting a stomachache.
  • Furry Confusion: Characters like Kipper and his friends walk on two legs and speak English. Mouse and her cousins move around like real mice but speak English. Then characters like Rolly-Polly, Kitten, or the butterfly act like animals.
  • Gentle Giant: Jake is the tallest character in the show and also one of the friendliest.
  • The Ghost: In "Pig's Present," Pig mentions Holly and Sammy, two minor characters from the books. Neither of them appear in the show.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Both Tiger and Pig aren't very nice characters most of the time, but they do have their moments of kindness.
  • MacGyvering: Subverted in The Flying Machine. Kipper and Tiger make a flying machine out of a tricycle, balloons, and winglets. It doesn't work.
  • Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here: The entire plot of "Nothing Ever Happens" centers around this.
  • Single Tear: Kipper sheds one in "The Robot" after the robot takes Hippo away.
  • The Speechless: Arnold hardly ever says anything. Justified as he is a toddler.
  • Skewed Priorities: In "The Rescue", Kipper and Tiger are stuck on a large rock surrounded by water. Tiger has this to say.
    Tiger: Now we're going to have to stay here all night. We'll get cold, we'll get wet, we've got nothing to do, we've got nothing to eat, we haven't got anything to drink either! It's going to be really, really boring!
  • Slice of Life: Obviously, it's the children's show.
  • Soda Can Shakeup: At the end of "The Picnic", when Pig and Arnold ate up his and Kipper's remaining picnic food, Tiger got even by shaking up a can and offering it to Pig.
  • Title Theme Tune: "They call him Kipper, Kipper the dog..."
  • Whatever Happened to the Mouse?:
    • Rolly-Polly, a hamster that Kipper got for Pig as a present and got to keep at the end of the episode, is only seen in "Pig's Present" and is never seen or heard of again.
    • There's a human baby in "The Butterfly," indicating that there are other humans in the world of the show. After its scene, no humans are ever shown again for the rest of the series.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?:
    • Tiger is afraid of water, so he tries to avoid going swimming whenever he can.
    • In the episode "Cousins," one of Mouse's cousins says that he "really hates spiders."
  • World of Funny Animals: Played with. The only human character ever seen is a baby that appears in "The Butterfly." Other than the baby, every character is an animal, anthropomorphic or not.


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