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Knuckleheads is Canadian animated series based on a French-language humour website known as Tetes a claques.

The show was pretty much a variety comedy show, with each episode having a different plot, and a different set of characters each time. All of the characters used Synchro-Vox animation to animate their mouths and eyes.

The show ran on [adult swim] and Teletoon in 2016.

Knuckleheads contains examples of:

  • Art Evolution:
    • Season 1 resembles more of the crude look of original Têtes à claques short episodes. In later seasons, the art style is improved by using CG as opposed to clay sculptures.
    • Some episodes in both the English and French dubs have slightly different backgrounds and character models. Season 1 episodes that were translated into English were reanimated.
  • Catchphrase: Uncle Ted's "Isn't that amazing?" and "Unbelievable!"
  • Dub Name Change: Some characters have different names in the English dub. Others though retain their original French names.
    • Uncle Tom becomes Uncle Ted.
    • Monique and Lucien become Martha and Walter.
    • Police officier Réjean becomes Ray.
    • Gaëtan becomes Henry.
  • Kids Are Cruel: One episode was set in a summer camp with a bunch of mean kids. They began the episode with a song making fun of the bus driver, and later in the episode, they ditched the camp to go look in an old mine for a prospector's gold nugget.
  • One-Word Title: What else would you expect from a show called Knuckleheads?
  • Trademark Favorite Food: In "Love Academy", Louise, one of the bachelorettes is usually with a bowl of cheese puffs and is constantly eating from it.
  • Synchro-Vox: The show basically ran on this trope, with every character's face being animated in this manner.


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