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Teletoon is a Canadian animation network, debuting alongside The Comedy Network and Space Channel, when cable channel options opened up in the late Nineties. Originally owned as a joint venture, as of 2013, it is fully owned by Corus Entertainment, who also own YTV and Treehouse TV among other kids networks.

Teletoon is a bilingual service, with two separate networks serving the English- and French-speaking populations of Canada. A spin-off channel, Teletoon Retronote , was launched in 2007 to provide nostalgic viewers with older cartoons. Though the channel closed in September of 2015, Teletoon would continue to air classic cartoons in graveyard slots. Its late night block, Teletoon at Nightnote , featured adult animated series, including Canadian-produced shows such as Undergrads and Clone High. The majority of Canadian shows aired in the block were Short Runners and because of this, and Canadian content laws, they are often shown endlessly in repetition. While the English channel's block ended in April 2019, its French counterpart, Télétoon la Nuit, lives on.


Part of Teletoon's license dictates they have to use a portion of their revenue to produce original content. Over the years, Teletoon's original productions would range from fine adaptations of Redwall, Silverwing and For Better or for Worse, to more contemporary shows aimed at international audiences. While the English and French channels started out with exactly the same programming, their schedules started to differ overtime. The French network would go on to produce and receive dubs of shows otherwise shown on other networks like The Simpsons and The Fairly OddParents.

American viewers will recognize Teletoon as Canada's answer to Cartoon Network, with Teletoon at Night formally being the go-to network for [adult swim] shows. Just as Teletoon has aired almost every Cartoon Network show in existence, with a few exceptions, Cartoon Network has also aired and co-produced a handful of Teletoon shows.


Aside from this, the one thing anyone living in the United States will probably notice when looking at the list of Teletoon shows would be the almost complete absence of any anime. YTV was the primary source for anime series in its early years, while Teletoon would occasionally air anime movies and OVAs. Both versions have shown Pokémonnote , Cardcaptors, Bakugan, and Spider Riders at some point, with the French network also having shown Digimon, Bakuten Shoot Beyblade and Naruto.

On July 4, 2012, Teletoon launched a Canadian version of Cartoon Network, complete with a localized Adult Swim block. In the years since the channel's launch, Teletoon has relied more on original programming and other acquired shows. By September of 2015, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim's original shows would air exclusively on the Canadian version. note  Teletoon would resume airing Cartoon Network's shows by January of 2017, while Adult Swim shows would return to Teletoon at Night by the Fall of 2017. Ultimately, Corus would launch a 24-hour Adult Swim channel (the first of its kind) in April 2019, subsequently closing both Teletoon at Night and the Canadian Adult Swim block in April and March 2019, respectively.

Teletoon is somewhat notorious for airing live-action movies, and the network has produced a few live-action shows of it own. Canadian broadcast regulations have prevented this from leading to total Network Decay, at least for the most part.

Teletoon has created the following series (alphabetized; premiere dates are in brackets):

    Original productions 

Associated tropes

  • Adored by the Network: Justified. Archer was the one show on Teletoon at Night that received the most promotion because it was the only exclusive, first-run show on the block.
    • The Simpsons is practically Télétoon's flagship show since it airs at least three times a day (6pm, 9pm and 11pm, now 11:30pm since Fall 2020). Since Fall 2011, they wouldn't even change its timeslot during a marathon of another show, special event or whenever a genre-oriented programming block was on.
    • While this was likely due to CanCon requirements note  some of Teletoon's older original programming, such as Johnny Test or Totally Spies!, frequently air in reruns to this day. Johnny Test and Totally Spies are two of the network's longest-running series, other shows, like Jimmy Two-Shoes and Detentionaire, only lasted at least 52 episodes. note 
    • As a result of the CRTC's new broadcast rules taking effect in Fall 2017, Teletoon began airing more imported programming during the day. Much to the chagrin of its critics, Teletoon took advantage of this to air 3 hours of Teen Titans Go! daily, when the most airtime that other shows have gotten was an hour or two. Unlike what happened with Cartoon Network in the U.S, the show didn't completely take over the schedule, but for Teletoon as a whole, Canadian programming was downplayed significantly. Thankfully, this trend has somewhat been reversed since January 2018, when Teletoon added more reruns of their current original shows.
  • Bad Export for You: Instead of Adult Swim Canada or Teletoon at Night, new original programming from Adult Swim in the U.S. (including new seasons of Robot Chicken and Rick and Morty) were once exclusive to the now-defunct Canadian "Adult Swim - Subscribe & Watch" SVOD mobile app, which was programmed by [as] Games. Unfortunately for cord-cutters, the app had been marred by various bugs and compatibility issues.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Ever since Corus Entertainment gained full control of Teletoon, the network has really dropped the ball when it comes to properly promoting its programs. For example; the second season of Power Rangers Dino Charge was incorrectly called Super Dino Charge, instead of Dino Supercharge; the final season of Ultimate Spider-Man was promoted as a new series, and then there's this promo for Counterfeit Cat which refers to Gark as a she.
    • More recently, Teletoon and Cartoon Network Canada promoted the Ben 10 reboot as the fifth season, while the former channel advertised the second season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel as a new series on their website. note 
      • In the case of the Ben 10 reboot, Télétoon not only followed its English counterpart's promotion but used images from the original series to promote it.
  • Flagship Franchise: Considering that its first season was Teletoon's highest rated series ever when it originally aired, it should come as no surprise that the Total Drama series is this for the network, being their most popular and iconic original production worldwide.
  • International Coproduction: Teletoon has been involved in co-producing series with broadcasters and production companies from other countries. U.S, U.K., France and Australia being the most commons.
  • Name's the Same: The channel should not be confused with Télétoon+, a TV channel in France and Poland, even though they have had a few shows in common.
  • Screwed by the Network: After Corus gained full ownership of Teletoon, incidents involving original and acquired programming have become very frequent.
    • An entire network was screwed over in Fall 2015, when Teletoon Retro (despite having a very large subscriber base with its french counterpart) was shut down to make room for the newly launched Disney Channel and its siblings, as well as to increase distribution for Cartoon Network and [adult swim]. However, as a result, Teletoon briefly returned to airing classic cartoons and introduced modern versions of classics (like Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production, Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, and ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks). Plus, Teletoon at Night was pushed back to a shorter run-time on Mondays-Thursdays, allowing Teletoon to air more action cartoons, some of which have previously been screwed over. Though they ended up screwing over Teen Titans Go!, Teletoon would bring back the original Teen Titans animated series in reruns. Tropes Are Not Bad, indeed.
      • Corus Entertainment would begin airing all of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim shows exclusively on their Canadian counterparts. However, for some reason, reruns for Cartoon Cartoons and other contemporary shows from CN were removed from Cartoon Network Canada's schedule for a whole yearnote . Instead, Corus used the channel to burnoff recent Teletoon programming (to fulfill CanCon requirements). Even worse, for months after the switch, the channel never aired one single episode of Adventure Time nor Regular Show.
      • Another downside to the switch was that, while Cartoon Network now has wider carriage, it was still a higher-tier network on some providers. This means that if CN wasn't in their current package, subscribers would have to pay extra. Plus, whereas [adult swim] launched their own SVOD app in Canada to allow Canadians to legally watch their original programming, including shows that weren't being aired on the Canadian version nor Teletoon at Night, Cartoon Network programming couldn't be streamed anywhere. Perhaps realizing this, Corus would slowly phase Cartoon Network programming back to Teletoon over the next year.
      • Similar to what happened in the U.S., the seventh season of Archer was originally planned to air on Adult Swim. But, as a result of the above, and because Archer was pretty much the only major show Teletoon at Night had left, it was decided at the last minute the show would remain as is.
    • Since 2013, shows produced by Cartoon Network Studios on Télétoon have caught plenty of flack, especially Regular Show (Announced premieres for new episodes have been pulled twice). The channel hasn't ran a single CN Studios-produced show in the following years until 2018 when they premiered Ben 10 reboot. No other shows have been shown since.
    • Pirate Express was only on the air for a single week in April 2015, in which Teletoon dumped the entire series in episode blocks aired in the middle of the day, and they haven't aired it again since.
      • The same thing happened to the second season of Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion, after its Channel Hop from YTV, and several episodes of Endangered Species; dumping multiple episodes of both shows in the afternoon. While Teletoon kept Endangered Species on the schedule, neither the dumped episodes nor Oh No! have aired again since.
      • Freaktown suffered the same fate. After airing the show on Mondays during the Summer of 2016, Teletoon suddenly aired multiple episodes of the show on the last Saturday of August before going on hiatus. The rest of the season was on dumped onto Saturday afternoons in October 2016, appropriately enough, with the last episodes being aired on a lone Sunday afternoon.
    • Any Marvel show from Disney XD that airs on Teletoon may qualify. Those looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy enjoyed being able to watch new episodes on Disney XD Canada day-and-date with the American channel. Meanwhile, season four of Ultimate Spider-Man debuted on Teletoon seven months after its U.S premiere, while season three of Avengers, Assemble! premiered in November. While this is common for international broadcasts, what really makes this jarring is the fact that Corus Entertainment owns both channels. Especially after Ultimate Spider-Man came to an end, and season four of Avengers premiered, it seems new Marvel programming now only airs on Disney XD Canada, while Teletoon focuses more on DC Comics-related fare.
    • The French dub of Bob's Burgers on Télétoon la Nuit only had new episodes for one single month, the same month it premiered. It was in reruns for the next two years until it was pulled from the schedule. Eventually, the dub would find its way on Prime Video
    • 2 Nuts And A Richard. Despite the show being adored by Télétoon la Nuit, Adult Swim hasn't made a single promo (save for a promotional trailer) nor made any mention of the series on any of its 2015 and 2016 promo spots (unless you count the schedule image from the Fall 2015 promo). Since Fall 2016, the only time the show has been mentioned is at the end of promos for other shows.note  It doesn't help that new English-dubbed episode premieres have been sporadic since the beginning of 2016.
      • Made more perplexing by the fact that this show has never aired on Teletoon at Night despite being produced for its french-language counterpart. Like Night Sweats, Knuckleheads (which was also produced for Télétoon la Nuit), and season three of Fugget About It, the English dub premiered exclusively on Adult Swim in Fall 2015. However, whereas all three programs eventually aired on the former block, 2 Nuts And A Richard could still only be seen on the latter.
    • Teletoon's broadcast of Young Justice was Cut Short after the first half of season one. The rest of the series did air on Cartoon Network Canada but, at the time, the network was only available on certain providers. Ironically, when Cartoon Network gained its wider coverage in Fall 2015, reruns of this show and older original programming were removed. At the very least, the complete series was available for streaming on Netflix in Canada. The show would get vindicated when Outsiders begin airing on Teletoon in 2019, and was made available to stream on StackTV via Amazon Prime Video Channels.
    • Knuckleheads originally had an eight-episode sneak peak on Télétoon la Nuit. When the series officially premiered in Fall 2012, it was moved to the daytime schedule. It has since moved back to the nighttime block, or rather, the block itself moved to the time the series was airing.
    • Since the late 2010s, any acquisitions on Télétoon la Nuit that aren't The Simpsons, Family Guy or American Dad! are bound to this. Even if the show is highly successful elsewhere, the block will either show the series twice a week or it will be pulled from the channel entirely. One example, South Park, an acquisition that's been on the network for over 19 years was pulled from the channel in 2018. Although, in this case, the show channel hopped to Z, a French network whose broadcast owner happens to own the English rights on another network.


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