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One of CHUM Television's tentpole channels and Canada's answer to Syfy, SPACE: The Imagination Station launched on October 17, 1997. Sharing sensibilities with fellow CHUM stations, like Citytv and MuchMusic, Space has aired various forms of sci-fi programming, from series such as Lexx and First Wave, to documentaries and shows like Robot Wars.

In recent years, Space made the push to original programming, with shows like Bitten, Killjoys and, most famously, Orphan Black. Many of these shows have been picked up for broadcast by Syfy in the United States, in particular, Killjoys was the first official co-production between the two networks. While it's common for a program airing on Syfy to also air on Space, being the two foremost science-fiction networks in North America, several Syfy shows have either been produced by or have also aired on Showcase, owned by rival broadcaster Corus Entertainment.

Space is better known by Canadian Trekkies for being "the Star Trek channel", due to their obsession with the franchise. Not only were they the first channel to air all four syndicated series, but reruns of the franchise's shows remain a staple on the channel's schedule. Even Space itself poked fun at the amount of Star Trek it has aired. Naturally, they premiered the franchise's first television series in over a decade, Star Trek: Discovery, subsequently making Canada the only country where you could watch the series without signing up for a streaming service.note 


In 2007, the channel, along with the rest of CHUM's specialities, split from Citytv when they were purchased by CTVglobemedia, now known as Bell Media. Since then, the channel has moved away from airing sci-fi programming exclusively, and moved towards fantasy and paranormal programming. It all culminated with a 2013 rebrand, which emphasized the channel's move away from its "galactic" origins. Though nowhere near as bad as what happened to Syfy note , Space's recent programming - which has included weekend action blockbusters, shows like The Following & Castle, and some cheap fixes to fulfill CanCon requirements - have a turned a few heads.

In 2018, after cancelling daily news show InnerSPACE due to job cuts, it was later announced that Space will be rebranded as CTV Sci Fi, aligning the channel with the sibling broadcast network.


Also has a French counterpart in Z, originally launched on January, 31, 2000 as Canal Z.

First-run Canadian series and Original programming seen on Space includes:


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