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Fresh TV is a Toronto-based Canadian television production company specializing in tween and family entertainment that was founded in 2004 by Nelvana alumni Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis.

They're most famous for creating hit animated series like the Total Drama franchise and 6teen (although the latter is a co-production with Nelvana), but have also done their share of live-action works as well, such as My Babysitter's a Vampire, one of the few non-animated series produced for Teletoon, and Bunks, which was Family CHRGD's first original movie. Most of their works are aimed at tweens and teenagers, but they have expanded a little into younger demographics, such as with 2013ís Grojband (their only original animated series not credited as the creation of Pertsch and McGillis, instead being credited to Total Drama directors Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton) and their acquisition of the Lucas the Spider web shorts in 2018.

Most of their series have aired domestically on Teletoon and Family Channel, with international broadcasting usually being handled by Cartoon Network (for animated shows) and Disney Channel (for live-action stuff). They also have a sister company in the animation studio Elliott Animation Inc., which has done the animation for all of their cartoons.

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List of Fresh TV shows:

Fresh TV's works provide examples of:

  • Breakthrough Hit: 6teen was this for them in Canada, quickly becoming one of Teletoonís most popular and iconic shows during the 2000s. Total Drama however became this for them worldwide, thanks to its huge success on Cartoon Network in the States.
  • Canada, Eh?: Their animated series tend to be much more explicit about their Canadian origins than most Canadian cartoons are, with many references to well-known or common elements of Canadian culture, various Canadian provinces being featured prominently, and the occasional bit of Canadian slang or pronunciation. And yes, some of the characters and settings exhibit Canadian stereotypes.
  • Creator's Oddball: Most of their originally produced animated shows are teen-focused/oriented comedies with some minor drama elements and a generally grounded tone. Grojband would completely break away from this mould for a younger cast and audience and a wackier, more energetic, gag-driven style.
  • Dawson Casting: Despite all of their animated series starring teenage characters, adult voice actors are always cast in the roles.
  • Domestic-Only Cartoon: As is common with rig/puppet-animated Canadian cartoons, all of their animated shows fall under this, being done entirely by their sister company Elliott Animation Inc.
  • Only So Many Canadian Actors:
    • Their shows frequently share the same actors, as well as quite a few who are actually better known for their work in live-action Canadian series.
    • Many of the voice actors on their shows have also appeared in cartoons created by Nelvana, which they co-produced 6teen with and the company founders used to work for before establishing Fresh TV.
  • Production Posse: Their animated shows share a lot of the same people working on them. Laurie Elliott and Terry McGurrin, for example, have been involved on many of them as both voice actors and writers/story producers.