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Founded in 1999 and controlled by the Shaw family, Corus Entertainment is one of the "Big 3" broadcasting companies in Canada (alongside Rogers and Bell Media). In addition to the Global network and their radio station group, Corus owns a portfolio of brands that mainly target women, children, and families: including animation studio Nelvana and publisher Kids Can Press.

Corus was first created as a spin-off of Shaw Communications' media assets. Shaw later acquired Canwest when they went bankrupt in 2010, and operated their assets as Shaw Media. Shaw Media itself was composed of assets that were previously owned by Canwest, as well as firms acquired by Canwest, including assets from Western International Communicationsnote  and Alliance Atlantis. On April 1, 2016, Shaw Media was re-organized and merged into Corus Entertainment in exchange for cash and stock to budget Shaw Communications's purchase of the wireless carrier Wind Mobile. To reflect this, Corus adopted a new logo for the first time since its inception in 1999.


Canadian Multichannel Networks owned by Corus include (channels previously owned by Shaw Media, Canwest, WIC or Alliance Atlantis after 1999 are marked with a *):

  • ABC Spark*: a Canadian version of what is now known as Freeform.
  • Action*: a male-oriented entertainment channel originally known as Showcase Action. It primarily airs reality series from TruTV.
  • BBC Canada*
  • Dejaview*: A channel that airs "retro" television series.
  • DTour*: a lifestyle channel which primarily airs shows sourced from Travel Channel. DTour originally launched as Prime, a general-interest entertainment channel targeting Baby Bloomers. Prime later relaunched as TVtropolis, which focused on iconic television series...originally. TVtropolis was the originator of Wipeout Canada.
  • CosmoTV: Based on Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • The Global Television Network (Global)*: the flagship broadcast network, initially formed in 1974 but not a major player in the industry until the late 1990s.
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  • Historia*: Originally served as a french-language counterpart to History Television, until that network relaunched as a Canadian version of History in 2012. Historia would follow suite in 2015, after Corus obtained french-language rights to History's programming.
  • La chaîne Disney: The French-Canadian version of Disney Channel, which also airs program blocks for Disney Junior and Disney XD (known as XD Zone) shows.
  • Movietime*: A channel that airs contemporary movies and film-related programming. Originally launched in 2001 as Lonestar, a network for Western-genre films and shows.
  • Séries+*: Like a French-language version of Showcase, focused on comedies and dramas.
  • Showcase Television*: An entertainment channel best known for original series such as Trailer Park Boys and Kenny vs Spenny. Showcase shares somewhat of a relationship with Syfy. The channel aired some of Syfy's original series; two of Showcase's own originals, Lost Girl & Continuum, were exported to Syfy; and Haven was co-produced with then-parent company Shaw Media.
  • Slice*: a lifestyle channel aimed at women that primarily airs reality series from Bravo (U.S). Slice was also the originator of Big Brother Canada, which moved to Global for its third season. Originally launched in 1995 as Life Network, which is not to be confused with The Life Channel.
  • TLN, aka Telelatino Network
    • TeleBimbi
    • TeleNinos
  • Teletoon*
  • Treehouse TV
  • W Network: Previously a general entertainment network airing a mix of lifestyle, reality, and scripted programming aimed at women. Since Fall 2017, W Network was revamped to focus more on scripted dramas, similar to Showcase. Best known for Property Brothers and Love It Or List It, which are seen on HGTV in the U.S. Originally known as the Women's Television Network (WTN), before it was sold to Shaw Communications in 2000, sold again to Corus in 2001, and relaunched completely in 2002.
  • YTV

Defunct networks include:

  • Drive-In Classics: A channel which focused on showing primarily films from the B movie genre popular at the drive-in theatres in the 1950s to 1970s, and a number of television series of the genre. On March 1, 2010, it become a Canadian version of Sundance Channel, which eventually shut down on March 27, 2018.
  • Dusk*: Originally named Scream, a network for horror, thriller, and suspense programming that was owned as a joint venture between Corus and Alliance Atlantis. It later decayed into the more supernatural-oriented channel with the aforementioned name in September 2009, but only lasted more than two years before it was shut down and replaced by ABC Spark.
  • Edge TV: An ill-fated alternative rock music channel inspired by CFNY-FM, 102.1 The Edge, in Toronto.
  • Movie Central*: One of Canada's designated premium Pay-TV services. It was originally known as Superchannel and was marketed under the First Choice Superchannel banner, alongside what was then known as First Choice and now known as The Movie Network. In 1989, both services split: Superchannel was broadcast in Western Canada, while The Movie Network was broadcast in Eastern Canada. In 2016, Movie Central was shut down, allowing The Movie Network to expand westward.
    • Encore Avenue*: Similar to Moviepix, now known as TMN Encore, this service focused on classic movies.
  • Teletoon Retro: A spinoff of Teletoon based on the program block of the same name. With the channel's launch in 2007, Teletoon also briefly brought back the block on weeknights before the late-night Detour (now Teletoon at Night) block. Despite having over 9 million subscribers and being more popular with viewers than Teletoon itself, it was shut down in September 2015 to expand Cartoon Network's coverage and make room for Disney Channel.
    • Télétoon Rétro, french-language version of Teletoon Retro.
  • W Movies: Originally known as SexTV: The Channel, which was based on the Citytv program. On December 12, 2016, it was re-branded as a Canadian version of Cooking Channel.

The company also owns or has owned Canadian versions of [adult swim], Cartoon Network, CMT, Cooking Channel, Crime and Investigation Network*, Discovery Kids, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, DIY Network*, Food Network*, FYI*, HGTV*, History*, H2*, IFC*, Lifetime*, Mediaset Italia (Italian), National Geographic Channel*, Nat Geo Wild*, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. (which exists as a daily program block), Oprah Winfrey Network, Sky TG24, Sundance Channel (SundanceTV), and Univision (Spanish).