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Animated by Nelvana.note 

A Canadian entertainment company founded in 1971, mainly known for its world-renowned animation studio. If you've watched Canadian animation, especially for young children, there's a major chance Nelvana had something to do with it.

For many years, storybook-to-screen transitions were the studio's stock-in-trade, they having faithfully reproduced the distinctive style of the Care Bears, Babar, Little Bear, Miss Spider and Rupert, among many others. Earlier in the studio's history, they also produced live-action programming; this was largely phased out by the end of the 90s.

Nelvana's corporate overlord is Corus Entertainment, which acquired the company in 2000. Corus also owns a number of other media companies in Canada, including television channels Treehouse TV, YTV, & Teletoon and Kids Can Press (publisher of the Franklin books, which was itself acquired by Nelvana in 1998).


Gets a Shout-Out in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Defector", when a secret Romulan base is supposedly located on the planet "Nelvana III"; and for their work on the kiddie series Droids and Ewoks, they also got a Star Wars species named after them: the Nelvaanians.

A fair number of Nelvana series are currently being rerun in the U.S. on Qubo. (Corus owns a stake in that channel too.) Many others are legally available for free online on YouTube.

They also used to run a kids-oriented network called KidsCo in Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Europe, in a joint-venture with DiC Entertainment (later Cookie Jar) and NBCUniversal. It was shuttered when DHX Media bought out Cookie Jar and pulled out of the dealnote , then NBC themselves pulled out because they have acquired Sprout and want to put focus on that channel instead. Many fans of the channel are still bitter over the loss.


Animated programs/movies and live-action projects that Nelvana has made/dubbed:

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