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Western Animation / The Adventures of Chuck & Friends

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"Over, around and through, trucks go and see and do!"note 

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends (also simply known as Chuck and Friends) is a Canadian-American computer-animated Preschool Show produced between Nelvana and Hasbro Studios. The series aired on The Hub in the United States and Treehouse TV in Canada for a total of 39 episodes and one special over 2 seasons between 2010 and 2012.

The series follows Chuck, a well-meaning and imaginative young dump truck who aspires to be a racing truck like his older brother Rally when he grows up. When not helping his parents Porter and Haulie with work around their truck repair center, Chuck spends his time playing in the parts yard with his friends, Rowdy, Handy, Digger, Biggs, Boomer, and Soku. But whether working or playing, Chuck and his friends find problems to solve and learn lessons along the way.

Compare to Trucktown, another vehicle-themed animated Preschool Show from Nelvana.

The series provides examples of:

  • An Aesop: Many episodes end with Chuck or one of his friends learning some sort of positive message that kids can apply as well.
  • Art Shift: Chuck's Imagine Spots use a slightly different style of 3D animation compared to the rest of the show.
  • Big Brother Worship: Chuck looks up to his older brother Rally and aspires to follow in his footsteps and become a racing truck just like him. He even has a badge with Rally's picture and often quotes him.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Chuck and his friends frequently chant "Friends for the long haul!", usually slamming their bumpers and front wheels togethe when they do so.
    • Rally's motto is "Over, around, and through, trucks go and see and do!", which appears throughout the series, including in the show's theme song.
  • Cool Big Bro: Rally is this Chuck, being a celebrity racing truck who Chuck aspires to be like one day.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: The show's theme song is performed by Chucks' voice actor, Gabriel Giammaria. He also sings the show's montage songs.
  • Down in the Dumps: Chuck and his friends hang out in a junkyard full of towering piles of old parts that his parents sometimes use for their repair shop business.
  • Everything's Big in Texas: One of Chuck's friends, Biggs (note the name), is a monster truck with a Texas accent and a pair of cattle horns as ornamentation on his cab roof noted for being the biggest of Chuck's circle of friends.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Digger speaks in a Spanish accent and frequently peppers his speech with Spanish words and phrases.
  • Imagine Spot: Chuck frequently has various fantasies about how his life could be different in certain ways.
  • The Pigpen: Rowdy is this, due to the fact that as a garbage truck, he loves getting filthy.
  • Punny Name: Many of the characters have names appropriate to the type of vehicle they are. Chuck's mother Haulie, for instance, is a forklift.
  • Sentient Vehicle: All the characters in the series are talking automobiles, mainly trucks, but other vehicles are present as well.