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Nitrogen Studios was a Canadian animation studio based in Vancouver founded by veteran animator Greg Tiernan and his wife Nicole Stinn in 2003. The company is now under of the ownership of fellow animation studio Cinesite as of March 2017.

Do not confuse with the Chemical of the same name.

Shows, films and games worked on by Nitrogen:

Tropes associated with Nitrogen:

  • All-CGI Cartoon: Happily N'Ever After (to an extent due to other studios also lending a hand), Sausage Party, slowly turned Thomas & Friends into this.
  • Animation Bump: On occasion.
  • Limited Animation
  • Medium Blending: Occurs in season 12 of Thomas, since it combined live-action models and CGI. This technique only lasted a season since the series became a fully-CGI show starting with season 13.
  • Troubled Production: During production of Sausage Party. Co-director Greg Tiernan forced animators at the studio to work overtime seven days a week without extra pay thanks to the film's low budget, and anyone who stood up against Tiernan's tyranny would be fired and blackballed from the company and be uncredited in the film (reportedly, only half of the animators who worked on the film were credited). Sadly, Greg got away with these actions since there's no animation union in Vancouver (where Nitrogen is located), meaning that he could do as he pleased with his employees, who had nowhere to turn to. However, three years after production ended, the animators sued for their unpaid overtime and won, so there's that little victory. There were several changes made to the script during production at short notice and with almost no communication to the folks at Nitrogen, leaving the animators with little to no idea about what to do next.
  • Un-person: Upon Cinesite's purchase of the company, it would wind up going down this route; unlike the purchases of fellow Canadian studios Image Engine, L'Atelier Animation and Squeeze Animation. Whether or not it was tied into the negative connotations of the studio post-Sausage Party that did it has never been confirmed.