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Morgan Creek Entertainment Group (or simply Morgan Creek) is a production company founded in 1987 by former auto import mogul James G. Robinson and producer Joe Roth. (The name comes from The Miracle of Morgan's Creek suggesting Joe Roth is a big Preston Sturges fannote ) Best known for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the Young Guns films and the Ace Ventura movies but also responsible for a string of critical and commercial bombs, with some of them affected by Executive Meddling on Robinson's behalf. They went through different distributors (in the US and the UK) for the output including Twentieth Century Fox (1988-1990) note , Warner Bros. (1991-2005) Note , and Universal (2005-11).

In 2014, Morgan Creek sold the international distribution and copyrights of their films to Revolution Studios (a company Roth later founded) with Miramax handling sales and Sony Pictures handling TV and video rights; Morgan Creek still holds remake and TV rights to Ace Ventura, Young Guns, Major League and The Exorcist.

Films produced by Morgan Creek include: