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Disney Television Animation is an animation studio owned by The Walt Disney Company. It was established in 1984 by then newly-appointed Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who was convinced that outsourcing animation production could still result in a product that would meet the company's quality standards. Prior to this, television animation in North America had been defined for the past two decades by the heavy cost-cutting methods of Hanna-Barbera and Filmation.

The studio would come to serve as the company's main television animation production studio, with programming initially being produced for syndication before the creation of ABC's The Disney Afternoon programming block in 1990, followed by One Saturday Morning in 1997. Currently, the studio produces content for the company's three children's networks (general audience Disney Channel, preschool-focused Disney Junior, and action/adventure-oriented Disney XD), as well as their streaming service Disney+. Originally established as the Walt Disney Pictures Television Animation Group, the studio's name was changed to Walt Disney Television Animation in 1988 before being shortened to just Disney Television Animation in 2011.


Animated series and films produced by Disney Television Animation (in order of airing):

NOTE: Not all Disney original animated series are made at DTVA. Check which studio the show is produced at before adding it here.
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