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Jetix Europe N.V. was a publicly-traded children's media company based in the Netherlands that operated channels branded under the "Jetix" name in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Israel.

The company was first formed as Fox Kids Europe N.V. in 1999 to help control the ever-expanding Fox Kids networks. It was 74.7% owned by Fox Family Worldwide, with the rest of the ownership held on the Dutch Euronext. Their licensing was done through co-owner Saban Entertainment's UK Consumer Products division and it held all rights to the Fox Kids library in Europe, Israel and MENA. Saban retained remaining rights to the library in all media (as well as distributed FKE's own content outside Europe and MENA), as well as distributed FKE's content to terrestrial networks in Europe and MENA).

The company remained as it was after Disney purchased Fox Family Worldwide in 2001. By then, Saban's European consumer products division went under Fox Kids Europe and was renamed Active Licensing in 2003. On May 1, 2002, as a consequence of Saban International being folded into Disney's Buena Vista International, the latter took over the former's distribution rights to FKE library.

In January 2004, Fox Kids Europe, ABC Family Worldwide and the Latin American Fox Kids channel introduced the Jetix brand, which would be the new name for all the Fox Kids networks worldwide. Fox Kids Europe was renamed Jetix Europe in July 2004, with the consumer products division following suit, rebranding as Jetix Consumer Products (JCP). By then, this division took over their own licensing from Disney, including home video.

In December 2008, Disney announced they would officially acquire the rest of Jetix Europe that they didn't own, taking it off the Dutch Euronext, and 100% owning the company. This plan was made for Disney to introduce their then-new Disney XD brand overseas, or Disney Channel in areas that didn't offer it. This brought an end to the Jetix brand worldwide. The ownership of the majority of co-produced programmes or licensing have gone back to their original owners.

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