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Universal Kids is a cable/satellite network owned by NBCUniversal targeting targeting children launched September 9, 2017. The network was previously known as Sprout, a dedicated preschool network; the Sprout branding was initially maintained for all preschool programming until January 2018.

Universal Kids was part of a larger gambit by NBCU to gain a foothold in the kids and family market by expanding Sprout's target audience and leveraging content from DreamWorks Animation, which was acquired just a year earlier. The network's main programming leans heavily towards DreamWorks series (including shows which premiered on Netflix), and unscripted programs ranging from game shows to "junior" versions of NBCU reality franchises (namely Top Chef and American Ninja Warrior) as well as live-action content.

While the network is meant to be a direct competitor to Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel, its core programming was only aired during the evening hours after 6pm, with preschool programming taking the majority of the channel's daytime schedule. With the Sprout branding still in use for preschool programming at the time, Universal Kids' was likened to that of a programming block than than full-fledged network.

Not everyone was happy with the revamp, especially those that had witnessed what NBCU had done to other networks under its wings. A number of people saw this as Executive Meddling, a form of network screwing, Network Decay, or all three, and those who subscribed to the channel for its wholesome educational content were especially weary of the change. Sure enough, it was announced in June 2019, less than two years after the relaunch, that all future original programming for Universal Kids would be scrapped. The network would now focus on their acquired programming slate while continuing to produce its remaining originals.

Universal Kids airs/aired the following programs with their own pages. Shows in bold are currently airing: