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The Ollie & Moon Show (also known as Ollie & Moon) is a French-American-Canadian animated children's television series developed by Diane Kredensor, Robert Vargas and David Michel. It is based on the Ollie & Moon book series.

The series debuted on Sprout in the United States on May 27, 2017, and was carried over when the channel became Universal Kids months later.

The Ollie & Moon Show contains examples of:

  • The Ahnold: One of the characters in the show, Chad Gastropodnote , is a large muscular snail who speaks with a thick Austrian accent.
  • Animated Adaptation: Of the book series.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Moon: "I'm having a brainstorm!" (or just "Brainstorm!")
      • Often followed by:
        Ollie: When you have a brainstorm, I get dragged off somewhere.
    • Flight Attendant: Yay!
    • Even one of the Chuck Cunningham Syndrome characters, Sasha in "The Russian Doll Disaster", has one, which is used exactly three times:
      "It's a tragedy! It's a disaster! It's utterly unfixable!"
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Some minor characters suffer this.
  • Episode Title Card: One appears at the beginning of every episode, narrated by Stanley.
  • Feud Episode: Ollie and Moon sometimes have these, but are always back together at the end.
  • Genial Giraffe: Geraldine in "The Lion Whisperer".
  • Green Around the Gills: Ollie every time he gets motion-sickness.
  • Never Say "Die": In episodes such as "The Lion Whisperer" and "The Russian Doll Whisperer", the characters are only able to get as close to saying "doomed", rather than something like "dead".
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: "You Mermaid My Day".
    • Also, Moon dresses like a mermaid again in the episode, "New York Party Animals".
  • Rage-Breaking Point: Throughout the show, Ollie is always annoyed whenever he has to put up with Moon's shenanigans; however, when Moon chooses the wrong mule for them in "Moon's Greek Cookie Craving", he most likely hits his rage breaking point, judging by how he raises his voice at her.
    Ollie: MOOOOOON!!! We could've had... Gentle... Georgios... Or Fuzzy-Wuzzy McSweetiekins. And you rushed off... WITH STUBBORN STEFANOS!?!?!
  • Scream Discretion Shot:
    • In "Finding the Rhythm in Cuba", when Ollie suddenly goes missing in the Cuban jungle, Stanley calls out for Ollie, to the point of screaming out his name while a wide shot of the jungle is shown.
    • In "The Russian Doll Disaster", when Ollie and Moon are lost in the forest:
      Ollie: Without the map, we'll never find a way back to Sasha's!
      Moon: Those cookies made me really thirsty.
      Ollie: I don't have any water, do you?
      Moon: (shakes her head, while chuckling nervously)
      (Beat, as we cut to Ollie's shocked expression. We then cut to a wide shot of the forest shaking.)
  • Stock Audio Clip: In "Italian Gelato Twist", when Ollie and Moon argue over how they pronounce "tomato", one of the voice clips of Moon saying "To-MAH-to!" is used twice.
  • Stubborn Mule: In the episode, "Moon's Greek Cookie Craving", one of the mules, Stubborn Stefanos, really does live up to his name.
  • Title Theme Tune:
    I'll be there for you
    Whatever you do
    I'll be there with you
    Ollie and Moon!
  • Trademark Favorite Food: For Ollie, it's cheese.
  • World of Funny Animals
  • Vine Swing: In "The Malaysian Butterfly Chase", while chasing after Ollie's "Special Explorer's Hat", Moon and tiger cub Tuah do this, complete with Moon doing the Tarzan yell.
  • You Say Tomato: The episode "Italian Gelato Twist", shows that Ollie pronounces "tomato" as "to-may-to", while Moon prefers to pronounce it as "to-mah-to".


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