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Cross-Regional Voice Acting

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Due to the simple fact that it's easier and cheaper to rely on actors from the area in which the studio's based, voice acting is usually done in separate regions. This is not always the case. If a work uses two studios based in different areas, then they have access to actors from both regions. To say nothing about home studios for personal use. Please note, this is not about an actor from one region doing work in another, this is about two regions being used in the same work.


Companies with multiple studios.

  • NYAV Post, owning both New York and Los Angeles studios, practically specialize in these.
  • Etcetera Group owns on office building in Miami. As such, they've arranged at least two actors (Luis Carreno and Maria Jose Estevez) to record from there, allowing them to keep their roles after emigrating.
  • The Kitchen, using both Miami and Venezuela studios for dubbing, has done this a few times.

Two companies working together