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"Hi there, Face here!"

Christopher Phillips (born February 26, 1958 in New York City) is an American voice actor, writer and singer based in New York City.

He is perhaps best known for being the voice of the Nick Jr. mascot Face, as well as a promo announcer for the channel since 2004.

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Tropes that apply:

  • Man of a Thousand Voices: He may be most known for being the original voice of Excited Kids' Show Host Face, but he has also voiced a wide variety of types ranging from schoolyard bully Roger Klotz (taking over from Billy West), to helpful yet ditzy father Ernest Otter, to sadistic occultist Crowley, and even hammy gang leader El Burro.
  • The Original Darrin: He was brought back in 2011 to voice for NickRewind's New Year's Eve special after being replaced by Babi Floyd in 2003. Phillips would come back to the role in 2016 for a special bumper for Easter.
  • Reclusive Artist: Despite being the voice of several characters, he has rarely given public interviews and refuses to go to conventions.invoked