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Katie Crown (born November 23, 1985) is a Canadian American voice actress and writer . She's best known for voicing Izzy in the Total Drama franchise, Mary Wendell on Clarence, and Tulip in Storks .

Katie Crown's Filmography Includes:

  • Total Drama: voice of Izzy and miscellaneous characters
  • Spliced: voice of Patricia and Octocat
  • Stōked: voice of Finn McCloud
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes: voice of Mama Bird, Aunty Pomegranate, and Ma Panda Monster
  • Barbie In The Pink Shoes: voice Hailey
  • Barbie The Pearl Princess: voice of Kuda
  • Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse: voice of Teresa
  • Clarence: voice of Mary Wendell, Ms. Shoop, Ms. Baker, and other characters; writer (2014-2016)
  • American Dad!: voice of Samantha, Tina, and other characters
  • Adventure Time: voice of Ursula, Blagartha, water nymphs, and other characters
  • Storks: voice of Tulip .
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  • Sanjay and Craig: writer (2016)
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: writer (2016)
  • Albert: voice of Skuzz and Moss
  • Francine: writer; co-creator; voice of Francine
  • Jeff And Some Aliens: voice of Sasha, teenage clerk
  • Click Clack Moo: Christmas At The Farm: voice of Brigitte and sheep
  • Apple & Onion: voice of Strawberry Milkshake, Dumpling Duckling 1, Pizza Mom, Cookie Candy
  • Too Loud: voice of fan girl
  • Bob's Burgers: writer (2018- present); voice of Harley, Dip Game, Abby
  • Amphibia: voice of Ivy

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