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Web Animation / Too Loud!

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Too Loud! is an animated webtoon created by Nico Colaleo for DreamWorks's YouTube channel.

Two loud-mouthed kids named Jeffrey and Sara are the loudest and clumsiest library volunteers in the world. But you can't blame them - they were born with abnormally large heads! They will still do anything to make sure the library's visitors are satisfied, however.

Provides examples of:

  • Excited Show Title!
  • No Indoor Voice
  • Shout-Out: Rich Evans appears as Logan, a kid running an RPG at the library. During the game he plays a "Heartburn for Days" status effect card, and the man in the picture on the card bears a striking resemblance to RLM's Fake Plinkett (played by Rich Evans).
  • Sibling Team: Sara and Jeffrey are brother and sister.
  • Take That!: Episode "Snowed In" has one for John Kricfalusi, where it's revealed that "Cans Without Labels" is still not done in the year 3050.


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