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Alexis Tipton (born August 11, 1989) is one of the newer talents from Funimation who works on many of their anime and film titles. With her breakout role as Musubi, she's often casted into Badass Adorable characters with Boobs of Steel to prove it (although the later part happens to be an optional feature on many of her characters). The cuter the characters she voices, the more badass they are. She has also done voice over work for Japanese video games.

In addition to voice work, she is also a good singer who does a few character songs along with a bit of stage work. Prior to her current work, she studied Japanese as a minor degree and as such, she's fluent in the language.

Has a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and once had a DeviantArt account (which is now closed), more information about her is available in her website.


Often cast alongside with Leah Clark (where Leah Clark's character will most likely be a Tomboy with Alexis's character being a girly girl in a Tomboy and Girly Girl pair). Also cast as Love Interests with Josh Grelle a few times. As of 2016, Tipton has a tendency to take over Laura Bailey's old roles note , as she is capable of impersonating her voice, she's doing a damn good job.


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