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Bikini Warriors is a series of figures of girls role playing as fantasy classes created by Hobby Japan (Not Koei-Tecmo). Each of the characters are designed by various artists. A 12-episodes shorts are aired between July 7 and September 22, 2015, starring a group of those characters who set out on a quest to defeat a demon lord. Oh, and they're all wearing bikinis.

A manga has been released online, as linked by its official website. You can read it at Hobby Japan here. Speaking of the official website, it has a page dedicated to the girls' backstory, which can be read here. A video game has also been confirmed to be in the making.

Visit its official website here.


  • Affectionate Parody: Of RPGs.
  • Always Need What You Gave Up: The party sold off their elixirs in Episode 5 for a new staff for Mage, thinking that they have to much of them. Cue next dungeon that is overpowering to them.
  • Back for the Finale: Hunter and Valkyrie come back to help the heroes in episode 12.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Between a couple of clips from episode 12 and the contents of OVA 1, it's safe to assume that five of the eight characters in the show are into girls. And it's not like the remaining three ever showed much interest in boys.
  • Death Is Cheap:
    • When the party is forced to kill Mage. Mage's ghost tries to tell them that they can revive her by paying the town church.
    • Paladin's ability to turn into holy energy and blast the enemy is apparently reversible, although Fighter fears she might die for real someday.
  • Deconstructive Parody: Lampshades most of the typical elements in a fantasy setting, and some of the drawbacks and consequences of the heroines’ actions, and does it all in a humorously fanservicey fashion to boot.
  • Deconstructed Trope: Every episode has been dedicated to taking a single Eastern RPG trope and running its consequences into the ground.
    • Episode 1: Chainmail Bikini: Fighter complains that the "armor" sold by the blacksmith is literally just a bikini, but is forced to admit she's wrong when her companions wear the bikini armor and it proves effective at protecting them.
    • Episode 2: With This Herring: The heroes try to bribe the King into giving them more funds and equipment by reminding them of their hero status, but the King locks them up for their greed.
    • Episode 3: Kleptomaniac Hero: Paladin gets the idea to rob the townsfolk blind after convincing her companions that they were owed for putting their lives on the line. After all their thieving, the townsfolk repossess everything the heroes spent their looting on, depriving them of even their clothing.
    • Episode 4: Chain of Deals/Fetch Quest: Fighter just kills her quest giver instead of putting up with her increasingly embarrassing menial tasks.
    • Episode 5: Too Awesome to Use: The heroes sell their stock of elixirs under the assumption that they never needed them if they had so many rare curatives. Turns out they needed those elixirs badly in the next dungeon.
    • Episode 7: Overrated and Underleveled: A flashback to how Dark Elf convinced the heroes to let them join the party portrays her as an overblown adventurer that exaggerated her competency. Dark Elf is unsurprisingly shown to be useless in every adventure depicted for the remainder of the episode.
    • Episode 8: Optional Party Member: The 2 new characters that fought over the chance to join the party end up forming their own party instead when because grew to like each other's company. They come back later.
    • Episode 9: Brainwashed and Crazy/ Death Is Cheap: The party fails to understand that Mage is possessed by the wizard they killed, and are forced to kill Mage in self-defense. They also forget that Mage can be resurrected by the local church, so the heroes just leave Mage for dead. She’s fine by the next episode, though.
    • Episode 10: Bragging Rights Reward: Because the heroes are especially whiny when demanding a better prize from the Great Fairy than either of her 2 treasures, the Great Fairy leaves them with nothing for their trouble.
    • Episode 11: Heroic Sacrifice: Paladin only throws her life into possible danger because she's a masochist. It's also why she offers her life in place of the other heroes so much (well, that and Honor Before Reason).
    • Episode 14: Combat Medic: Valkyrie and Hunter are initially pleased to have a healer in their team, only to realize later that she fights well in combat, she is mediocre in healing.
    • Episode 15: Informed Equipment/Infinity +1 Sword: The characters can’t see the gear because it’s literally not there, they’ve simply been fooled into thinking it is. So the “gear” is both effectively and literally useless for how much effort it likely took to acquire.