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From left to right: Deana "Pink" del Rio & Katherine "Rookie" Rochefort, Doug "Veteran" Billingham & Kirill Vrubel, Maxine "Boxer" Silverstone & Yuri "Robot" Fujishiro

The city state of Lisvalletta. Two suns rise above this city, and the people here live peaceful lives, but in the shadows crime and illegal drugs run rampant. Among them is the dangerous, highly lethal drug "Anthem" which casts a dark shadow over the city. The SEVEN-O Special Crime Investigation Unit specializes in cracking down on Anthem. This unit operates in two man "buddy" teams in what's called the "Double Decker System" to tackle the problem. Doug Billingham is a seasoned investigator, and joining him is Kirill Vrubel, a wannabe hero and rookie cop whose abilities are mysterious and unknown.

An anime original from studio Sunrise with the creators of Tiger & Bunny, including character designs by Masakazu Katsura. It is one part of the new Tiger & Bunny sequel project, though whether it takes place in the same universe or not is not known yet.

The anime began airing on September 30, 2018 and is available to stream on Crunchyroll with a simuldub from Funimation.

Double Decker contains examples of:

  • 2D Visuals, 3D Effects: Much like its predecessor, it's frequently used for cars and action sequences. The main characters will also switch between 2D and 3D on a on a constant basis for even simple movements.
  • Abnormal Ammo: Seven-O uses bullets with a drug that cancels Anthem, returning the person to their original state.
  • Ambiguously Human: Bamboo Man is way too fast and strong to be a normal person, and Doug and Kirill fail to notice Anthem. He's a Genetically Modified Soldier who uses tiny amounts of Anthem to enhance his abilities without going into overdrive.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Doug was able to deduce the plan of a criminal and Anthem-user just after some brief glances, and he was completely right about how the crook wanted to escape.
  • Badass Longcoat: When facing transformed Anthem users, the members of Seven-O use some badass looking coats.
  • The Bartender: Derick Ross resigned as member of Seven-O to become a bartender.
  • Benevolent Boss: Travis is quite reasonable and nice to his agents, including giving Kirill a chance to prove himself. Although he also has shades of Pointy-Haired Boss and The Alleged Boss, the narrator even calls him an idiot alongside Kirill.
  • Big Eater: Katherine seems to enjoy eating a lot of sweets.
  • Bishōnen: Kirill is so girly even the narrator calls him "girl-faced".
    • In episode 8, in a passing scene, one of the students he and Max are interviewing thinks he's a girl and asks him on a date. Then in episode 10, this gets taken to its logical extreme after a similar incident happens with Gus.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Doug is very competent at his job, but he has a tendency to slack off whenever he can. This of course annoys Kirill who is a lot more energetic and has a gung-ho attitude.
  • Buddy Cop Show: The basic premise follows a pair of detectives dealing with a super-powerful drug that turns humans into monsters.
  • By-the-Book Cop: Unsurprisingly Kay prefers to follow rules and procedures, which makes her clash with Deana's Cowboy Cop attitude at first.
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: Kay gets drunk with a non-alcoholic drink.
  • Co-Dragons: Besides Bamboo Man, Zabel has other two members as his most trusted Lieutenants.
  • Cool Car: Doug's car has a lot of interesting gadgets.
  • The Dandy: Travis gives that impression with his pink suit and Howard Hughes-looking pipe.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Doug has a tendency for this, although it usually manifests in trolling Kirill with a completely straight face (at least as long as Kirill is looking).
  • Dirty Cop: Gary is a narcotics detective that deals with Anthem and other drugs, including false Anthem. He then tries to obtain a sample of Seven-O's anti-Anthem cure so he can sell it on the black market. Luckily Kay and Deana manage to arrest him.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Apple Bieber doesn't like being called by his first name, instead he prefers being addressed as professor/doctor.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Kirill's femininity is commented on both In-Universe and by the Lemony Narrator. This may serve as foreshadowing regarding his 'sister'.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Originally Kirill's nickname was Rookie, but as soon as Katherine arrived (the very next day!), he got the nickname "Okappa" or "Perm" both relating to his hairstyle. Kirill naturally protests, pointing out that his hair is not even a perm anyway. Eventually they settle on "Kariage"/"Buzz-cut" (since his hair is cropped short in the back).
  • Every Car Is a Pinto: In episode 4, a few bullets seems to be enough to put a car in flames.
  • Fake Russian: Kirill Vrubel is a Russian name (surname is originally Polish, but name is spelled by Russian rules). No other detail would point at his nationality, or whether the same countries even exist in the world of the story.
  • Fantastic Drug: Anthem is an addictive new type of drug that grants superhuman abilities to its users. Only Seven-O is allowed to tackle those issues.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: Deana and Kay naturally fall into this dynamics, Kay being the good cop and Deana the bad cop.
  • Ham and Deadpan Duo: Doug (Deadpan) and Kirill (Ham).
  • Heroic Wannabe: Kirill may be good intentioned, but his skills as a police officer leave a lot to be desired. It's not until he's brought into Seven-O he actually starts being useful.
  • Hidden Depths: Kirill actually has a good knowledge about genetics. Though, he says that he stuidied it only to pay for school.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: Because Seven-O is only allowed to deal with cases that explicitly involve Anthem, friction between units occasionally occurs.
  • Lemony Narrator: The narrator likes to point out how much of an idiot Kirill actually is, calling him girly-faced and reminding us this isn't a super-hero story.
  • Living MacGuffin: Kirill's DNA contains the crux of the Big Bad's plans.
  • Lovely Angels: The pairs of Deana and Katherine and Maxine and Yuri can be seen as this.
  • Malevolent Masked Men: Bamboo Man is a ruthless Anthem dealer who is known for his sinister-looking mask.
  • Mythology Gag: A few to Tiger & Bunny:
    • Apollon Media appears as one of the news broadcasters and their newsreader is named Agnes, with a heavy resemblance to her T&B counterpart but with a different surname (It is Agnes Izzet instead of Joubert).
    • One of the members of Esperanza is named Cyrus Martinez, the same last name as villain Jake Martinez.
    • The casino coins in the beginning of Episode 1 have the Ouroboros symbol stamped on them.
  • The Nicknamer: Travis likes giving his subordinates a nickname to serve as a call sign, but he's the only one to use them. Deana eventually takes to calling Kirill and Katherine by their nicknames (Kariage and Kay).
  • Obfuscating Disability: Zabel Franken pretends to be crippled on his right leg so the officers lower their guard around him in order to escape.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Kirill immediately notices something is wrong with Doug when, at the mention of criminal Good-Looking Joe, he starts immersing himself in the case instead of keeping his distance and slacking off where he can, as he normally does.
    • The revelation that Kirill knows a lot about genetics, to the point where he wrote a paper on it, is treated like this so it can be Played for Comedy.
  • Pocket Protector: The wad of bills Jefferson took from Kirill due to an earlier debt he owed helps save him from a gun shot during the hostage situation. He gives them back to Kirill as a "good luck charm" when he's reassigned to Seven-O.
  • Red Right Hand: Bamboo Man is easily identifiable by his teeth covered in red jewels.
  • The Reveal: Zabel Franken was not only playing everyone for fools in order to avoid execution and escape prison, he's the leader of Esperanza.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Ricky the Jerkass prison guard helped Zabel escape from prison, but the Esperanza leader still kills him for making him waste food.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Yuri is a very human-like robot police officer. She can even eat and drink. Kirill is the only one who wasn't aware.
  • Secret-Keeper: Subverted. Kirill tries to be this in regards to Yuri being a robot. Except it's actually an Open Secret that everyone already knows, and Kirill only thinks he needs to keep up The Masquerade because of Doug messing with him.
  • Shout-Out: Kirill's plan to distract Cyrus in episode 1 is to strip completely naked, emerge from smoke and claim he's a time traveler.
    • Doug's special bullet sequence is similar to Kaze's Magun firing in Final Fantasy: Unlimited.
    • Travis calls the female officers of Seven-O Travis' Angels
    • In episode 4 Sherlock and Watson can be seen in the background. Fitting, as Doug's Japanese voice actor is Mikami Satoshi, who also provides Sherlock's voice in the Japanese dub. The first volume of the Blu-ray/DVD release of Double Decker also parodies Sherlock.
    • In one episode Kirill randomly gets timely advice from an old guy he doesn't know (that he in fact refers to as "old guy I don't know") who looks suspiciously like Stan Lee and the scene also plays out suspiciously like a Stan Lee cameo in the Marvel superhero movies (more specifically the one in Venom (2018)).
    • Episode 10 features four dead Anthem user's profiles. The four men are obviously the Ghostbusters, as each one looks like their corresponding character and shares that character's given name. In addition, their surnames match the names of the actors who portrayed them with all names spelled correctly.
  • Surprisingly Good English: Kirill's fantasy sequences are done in the style of American comics, including rendering all the dialogue in speech bubbles, in perfectly fluent English (complete with accurate font)...most times, anyway.note 
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: As Kirill unfortunately finds out in his first week at work, the job of a detective isn't as action-packed as he first assumed and he's repeatedly threatened with being fired for leaving his post in attempts to be a hero on duty.
  • Tempting Fate: Kirill downright tells other police officers to stop tempting it when they go looking for a buried corpse. He was completely right.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Doug is often seen munching on anpan and/or drinking canned coffee.
  • Trojan Ambulance: In episode 2, Doug and Kirill manage to pull over an ambulance under the suspicion that an escaped convict is pretending to be injured and hiding inside. Doug quickly figures out that the convict is the driver and it turns into a high-speed chase.
  • Troll: In episode 4 Doug pranks Kirill into believing he's going to give a congratulatory speech at his inauguration party. There was no party. And at the end of the episode he lets Kirill believe he's going to keep an eye on Yuri, when he and everyone else know she's a robot. Even the narrator himself outright admits that Doug is "kind of an asshole."
  • Two Girls to a Team: Inverted, as Doug and Kirill are the only male detectives in Seven-O
  • Would Hurt a Child: Good-Looking Joe killed twelve year old Patricia Moreno eight years ago for waxing his shoes with the wrong color.