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Directors who have shaped film as auteurs. For TV, the auteurs are usually the Producers.

This is not IMDb. Still, there are a number of film directors whose creativity, impact, and style are worthy of comment.

Also includes TV directors.

Please don't just add a name, unless you are about to do the article.


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ADR/Voice Directors for anime dubs: Here's a list of noteworthy English dub voice directors. ADR voice directors are usually not exclusive to one studio or region - this list is separated by where they are based.

Los Angeles area: (Bang Zoom! Entertainment, New Generation Pictures, Animaze, Studiopolis, NYAV Post West)

Texas: (Funimation, Seraphim Digital Studios (formerly ADV Studios), the now-closed Monster Island Studio)

Because anime dubbing is big in Texas and done in two separate cities, the ADR/Voice Directors are divided by which city they primarily work in.

Primarily works for Funimation in Dallas/Ft. Worth:

Primarily works in Houston for Seraphim Digital Studios (and Sentai Filmworks):

New York City: (4Kids (now closed), NYAV Post note , Headline Studios, MB VoiceWorks)


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