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Kyra Zagorsky (born June 6, 1976) is an American film and television actress. She has acted in many TV and film roles. Zagorsky may be best known for her roles in the series Helix. She is married to Egyptian-Canadian actor Patrick Sabongui. They have a son and a daughter together. She lives with her family in Vancouver, Canada. Her background is Polish, Lithuanian, Dutch and Jewish.



  • 2004 Power Corps - Trish
  • 2010 A Family Thanksgiving - Megan
  • 2011 The Pastor's Wife - Tara Bayless
  • 2011 Hunt for the I-5 Killer - Pregnant Woman
  • 2012 The ABCs of Death - Lainey
  • 2013 Twist of Faith - Ruth Fisher
  • 2014 Toxin - Carla Frye
  • 2015 Vendetta - Jocelyn
  • 2015 My Life as a Dead Girl - Detective Whalen
  • 2017 S.W.A.T.: Under Siege - Sophia Gutierrez
  • 2017 Yellow - Wife
  • 2020 Broil - Mickey Vekks


Tropes in her work include:

  • Action Girl: She's played lots of fighters and some cops.
  • Plays Great Ethnics: Due to her slightly ambiguous features, Zagorsky has played Latinas, Italian-American women and once a biracial woman with a Japanese birth father.