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Michael Curtiz (born Manó Kaminer, December 24, 1888 – April 10, 1962) was one of the most prominent and successful directors working in The Golden Age of Hollywood.

Born Kertész Kaminer Manó in Hungary, he grew up in Budapest, studying at the Royal Academy of Theater and Art and making his debut as a film director in 1912. Curtiz had already made dozens of films in Hungary and Austria by the time he was signed by Jack Warner and brought to Hollywood to work for Warner Bros. in 1926.

Within a few years of his arrival Curtiz became the top director at Warners. He blossomed in the studio era, showing a knack for handling any genre with skill. Due to the fact that Curtiz wasn't a writer and eschewed showy camera tricks, he has never been given the auteur status that was bestowed on Alfred Hitchcock or John Ford or Orson Welles, but for over two decades Warners gave him the studio's best scripts, and he never screwed them up. Curtiz's career foundered after the breakup of the studio system and his departure from Warner Brothers, but he kept working until shortly before his death in 1962.


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