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Patricia Lea "Patty" Jenkins (born July 24, 1971) is an American director and screenwriter.

Her first big break as director was Monster in 2003, about Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos, which earned her much acclaim. She then went mostly unnoticed, working on television projects, until her second big break (and first foray into blockbuster territory at that), Wonder Woman, in 2017. A sequel was quickly greenlit, with plans for a third movie on the cards.

She is also the first woman to be hired to direct a Star Wars movie, which will be an original, standalone story inspired by the Rogue Squadron and X-Wing sub-franchises from Star Wars Legends, set in what is described as "a future era" of the Star Wars universe.

Amusingly, she shares a birthday with a Wonder Woman actress, Lynda Carter.


Selected filmography:


  • Cleopatra VII biopic (TBA)
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (2023)



Tropes applying to this director:

  • Author Appeal: Patty's father was William T. Jenkins, a US Air Force captain and fighter pilot who earned a Silver Star during the Vietnam War and perished during a NATO mock dogfight at age 31. She's always wanted to work on a project that would include jet fighter piloting or the like to homage her father, but couldn't for various reasons. Eventually, she got her wish with the plane featured in Wonder Woman 1984 (prior to that, she noted that Steve Trevor, while not having his hands on any modern craft in the first film, appealed to her for being an Ace Pilot), and it's also the reason that motivated her to direct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron as she explained in the video she made for the film's announcement.
  • Production Posse:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • She first talked to Warner Bros. about making a Wonder Woman film in 2004. They were nervous that it wouldn't work after Catwoman had failed and it went back to Development Hell.
    • Jenkins was originally attached to direct Thor: The Dark World which would have made her the first woman to direct a modern superhero movie three and a half years before she was for Wonder Woman. She signed on in October 2011 and left for Creative Differences in December 2011 under amicable terms. She wanted to change the story but Disney didn't want to run the risk of missing its original release date and going a quarter (especially the holiday quarter) without having a live-action tentpole. She still ended up working for Disney, when she was announced to helm a Star Wars film (Rogue Squadron, that is).
    • In 2014, Jenkins directed a pilot for the ABC drama Exposed, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as an Intrepid Reporter. It didn't get picked up, but videos and screenshots have made their way online. Additionally, she reused one of the other cast members, Pedro Pascalnote , for Wonder Woman 1984.


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