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Patricia Lea "Patty" Jenkins (born July 24, 1971) is an American director and screenwriter.

Her first big break as director was Monster in 2003, about Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos, wich earned her much acclaim. She then went mostly unnoticed, working on television projects, until her second big break (and first foray into blockbuster territory at that), Wonder Woman, in 2017.

Amusingly, she shares a birthday with a prior Wonder Woman actress, Lynda Carter.


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Tropes applying to this director:

  • What Could Have Been: Jenkins was originally attached to direct Thor: The Dark World which would have made her the first woman to direct a modern superhero movie three and a half years before she was for Wonder Woman. She signed on in October 2011 and left for Creative Differences in December 2011 under amicable terms. She wanted to change the story but Disney didn't want to run the risk of missing its original release date and going a quarter (especially the holiday quarter) without having a live-action tentpole.


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