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Linda Jean Córdova Carter (born July 24, 1951), better known as Lynda Carter, is an American actress, singer, songwriter, model, and beauty pageant titleholder.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she was crowned Miss World USA 1972. She's most famously known for portraying Wonder Woman in the eponymous TV series (1975-1979). Ironically, another beauty pageant titleholder took the mantle several decades later, with her blessing and support.

She's made countless appearances in TV series, most recently as US President Olivia Marsdin in Supergirl. Before that, she appeared in Smallville, joining a long list of previous DC Comics adaptations actors being recast as homage in new DC-inspired material.


Tropes in her works:

  • The Cast Showoff: invoked In the Wonder Woman episode called "Amazon Hot Wax", going undercover to stop extortionists in the record industry gives Diana Prince a chance to show off her vocal abilities. Lynda performs songs from her debut album Portrait as a form of advertisement for it.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Her Wonder Woman costumes were surely conceived for Fanservice, what with the impressive cleavage and short shorts.
  • What Could Have Been: invoked She has expressed desire to have a Remake Cameo in 2017's Wonder Woman, and director Patty Jenkins wanted this to happen, but a scheduling conflict due to her singing tour prevented it. That being said, it might happen for the sequel. A similar situation happened with 2009's Wonder Woman , where she was offered to have a voice part in the movie, but also had scheduling conflicts.


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