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"Television tastes funny."

All about the medium of television, its sub-categories, and TV-specific tropes that cross those divisions.

Television "TV" is traditionally viewed on a television set, after the early 2000's people can catch up on their favorite programs via computer and mobile devices. Commercially available since the 1920s (though television as we know it today dates from 1936, as the result of the invention of a key component by Vladimir Zworykin of RCA and Philo T. Farnsworth)note , but only really catching on in the 1950s. Home televisions were black & white, analog, heavy, and at 4:3 Aspect Ratio; gained color in the 60s; and after the Turn of the Millennium became digital, lighter, and wider with a 16:9 aspect-ratio and HD.

Television is what the TV in our name stands fornote . But you probably already knew that.

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