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Shows that are regularly broadcast directly as they happen, rather than prerecorded. Both Radio and Television were regularly broadcast live when those media were new, and as a consequence much of both early radio and early TV is lost. Quite a bit of radio programming is still broadcast live, while most of TV isn't, although sports and news are still live.

For the most part actually a few seconds behind, both for technical reasons (the signal only goes so fast) and legal ones (you need to be able to bleep things that offend the Moral Guardians)


If this only happens with select instances, it's a Live Episode.


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     Live-Action TV  

  • The 2000 live broadcast of the remake of Fail Safe

  • Lux Radio Theatre
  • The 1938 Orson Welles program The Mercury Theatre on the Air, including the famous adaptation of The War of the Worlds.
  • Emphasized frequently on The Brewing Network, as it allows people to ask questions of the guests either via the chat room or Skype, as well as making the overall experience more interactive than a pre-recorded podcast would be. At the beginning it was the main aspect used to sell the BN as being better than competing podcasts.
  • Like above, the "Preston And Steve" show makes a point about how they're live and love the interaction they have with their fans.

     Web Original  


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