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Joshua Benjamin Trank (born February 19, 1984) is an American film director. He is most well-known for directing Chronicle, and — perhaps more infamously — its follow-up Fantastic Four (2015), with each film representing his meteoric rise and subsequent fall in prominence.

Chronicle, his directorial debut, put his name on the map with an inventive take on the Found Footage genre and an ability to make an inexpensive production look like it was expensive. With the film's success, Trank had promise to be a big-time director, at varying points in time being attached to film adaptations of Shadow of the Colossus and Venom. He was ultimately chosen by producer Simon Kinberg (who produced Chronicle) to go with a reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise, making it his second collaboration with 20th Century Fox. Kinberg also convinced Lucasfilm that he could handle one of their then-recently-announced Star Wars spin-off films (which he executive produced).


Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. Trank found himself overwhelmed by the experience of working on Fant4stic and became unresponsive or outright hostile on the set, at least according to various reports.note  Trank then announced that he would choose not to direct a Star Wars movie in favor of his own, smaller projects. Trank's superhero movie was ultimately significantly overhauled by Fox itself, but nobody was ultimately satisfied with the final product, which was critically panned and also failed at the box office. Trank then distanced himself from the movie and quietly disappeared from movie industry talks.

However, in the years since the Fant4stic debacle, Trank lived up to his promise to work on smaller projects. His first new effort, Capone, focuses on notorious gangster Al Capone's descent into insanity in his last years of life.


He also appeared in an episode of Arrested Development, "A New Start", which was — amusingly — about a troubled attempt by that show's cast to make a Fantastic Four adaptation of their own.

Directorial credits

Tropes associated with his movies:

  • Body Horror
  • Deconstruction: Strongly used in both Chronicle and Capone.
    • Trank has mentioned his interested in a deconstruction approach in his movies; "The deconstruction of myth, the deconstruction of iconic figures, the deconstruction of mythic ideas".

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