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The studio that gave you a lot of childhood classics and started a lot of careers.

Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC is an American film and television production company founded by George Lucas in 1971 and headed by Kathleen Kennedy since 2012. It is best known for creating and producing the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, as well as its groundbreaking work in special effects, sound, and computer animation for film.

After Lucas retired from producing large-scale blockbusters in 2012, in favor of focusing on smaller projects, Lucasfilm became a subsidiary of Disney, in a culmination of plans dating back to May 2011. While Disney acquired ownership of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, 20th Century Fox retained distribution rights to the first two Star Wars trilogies until Disney bought Fox in March 2019note , giving them total control of those trilogies (and, in a sense, giving Lucasfilm the last laugh after Fox sold the sequel and merchandising rights for the franchise to them during production of A New Hope). Disney also gained distribution and marketing rights to future Indiana Jones films from Paramount, though Paramount retains distribution rights to the first four films.


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Other Projects

  • Captain EO (3D short/music video used as an attraction in Disney Theme Parks)
  • LEGO Star Wars shorts
  • Lego Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Brick


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