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Michel Ciment: Were you ever disillusioned with Hollywood?
Joseph L. Mankiewicz: You can't fall in with a band of thieves and then complain about losing your virginity. I was never illusioned with Hollywood.
All About Mankiewicz

Joseph Leo Mankiewicz (February 11, 1909 – February 5, 1993) was an American film director, screenwriter, and producer.

He started out as a writer at Paramount for movies featuring, among others, Jack Oakie and W.C. Fields. When he moved to MGM in the mid-'30s, he became a producer, producing such well-known works as The Philadelphia Story and Woman of the Year. In the mid-'40s, he moved to 20th Century Fox and became a director, best known for such films as A Letter to Three Wives and All About Eve. In the early '50s, he left Fox and became independent, and later became infamous as the director of the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton version of Cleopatra. His final film was 1972's Sleuth.

Younger brother of Herman Mankiewicz (best known for co-writing Citizen Kane), father of Tom Mankiewicz (who wrote several James Bond films), and great-uncle of Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz.


Films directed by Mankiewicz with pages on TV Tropes include:


Mankiewicz's films include the following tropes:

  • Deadpan Snarker: One of the trademarks of his films, Addison DeWitt being the most notable example.
  • Flashback: Mankiewicz was fond of this as a storytelling device; A Letter to Three Wives and All About Eve use it to particularly good effect.
  • Writer on Board: One of the main criticisms of his work was his overuse of this trope.


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