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Timothy "Tim" Miller (born February 28, 1970 in Fort Washington, Maryland) is an American director, screenwriter, producer and visual effects artist who works on films and video games.

He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film as co-story writer and executive producer of the short animated film Gopher Broke in 2004. He made his theatrical film director debut with Deadpool in 2016, demonstrating his skills for action sequences.


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  • invokedWhat Could Have Been: Miller was initially set to come back to direct Deadpool 2, but he left over "mutual creative differences" with Ryan Reynolds, mostly due to Reynolds' expanded creative control over the sequel. Factors include Miller's wish for a more stylized follow-up than the first film versus Reynolds' focus on the raunchy comedy style that earned the first movie its R-rating as well as Miller's intention to cast Kyle Chandler as Cable, which Reynolds opposed. 20th Century Fox ultimately backed its marketable star over Miller.


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