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Lea Katherine Thompson (born May 31, 1961) is an American actress, television director and television producer.

She's most well known as Lorraine Baines McFly (mother of time-traveller Marty McFly) in the Back to the Future films and as Caroline Duffy in Caroline in the City.

She is married to director Howard Deutch. Their daughters are actresses Maddie and Zoey Deutch.


Tropes in her works:

  • The Cast Showoff: She performed her own singing in Howard the Duck.
  • Old Shame: Actually subverted as far as Howard the Duck is concerned. She takes a lot of pride in her role on the film, in spite of its flaws.
  • Playing Gertrude: As Lorraine Baines McFly in the 1985 scenes of the Back to the Future trilogy. She was born nine days before co-star Michael J. Fox and played his mother in said scenes.
  • Star-Derailing Role: Though she's not bitter about it, between Howard the Duck and SpaceCamp, 1986 was not a good year for Thompson. Outside the BTTF trilogy, she wouldn't find major success on the silver screen again. Though her TV role in Caroline in the City would keep her in the popular consciousness in the latter half of The '90s.


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