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Jesse V. Johnson (born 29 November 1971 in Winchester, England) is a British director, screenwriter and stunt coordinator.

A former stuntman and body double, Jesse has worked in films like Total Recall (1990), The Thin Red Line, Starship Troopers before his directorial debut, Death Row the Tournament. Nowadays, Jess is well-known for making DTV action films, mostly starring B-grade action stars like Dominique Vanderberg or Scott Adkins.

For an action director, Jesse is somewhat of an auteur, who favors experimenting new genres with each new output; Pit Fighter is a story about a Hitman with a Heart gone straight, The Last Sentinel is a sci-fi Robot War movie, The Fifth Commandment is a Heroic Bloodshed style film that pays tribute to old-school John Woo, Charlie Valentine and The Butcher stars a Retired Badass reluctantly dragged back into action, The Package is a thriller revolving around a MacGuffin which mercenaries are willing to kill each other for, Savage Dog is a military action film set in the 1960s, and the like.

It's worth noting that his uncle is Vic Armstrong, a long-time stuntman who worked as stunt doubles in the Indiana Jones and James Bond films.

Films directed by Jesse Johnson: