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Crying After Sex

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And after sex I'll cry, and also before sex I'll cry.

It seems you're a bit of a two-pump chump. Also a crier afterwards.
Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer (2016)

Alright. It finally happened. You just had sex, and it felt so good. It felt so good you feel like you could just cry. And you did.

Reasons behind this can vary. Sometimes it can be the psychological loss of self from the experience. It could be feelings of inadequecy, either due to a need to compensate or because they could not experience the moment just a little longer.

While normally Played for Laughs, sometimes this trope is invoked at some point because the people who do it do it because they really needed Sex for Solace. Or worse... Defiled Forever!!! Afterall, Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil.

Either way, that glaring, dissatisfied look on their partner's face says it all.

Contrast Smoking Hot Sex (where partners have a different post coital reaction).



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    Anime and Manga 

  • The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Alexander complains to his wife that she always seems to cry during sex. The reason she finds the experience so overwhelming is because her entire family died during the Siege of Leningrad, so her husband is now the only family she has left.

    Live-Action Television 
  • In the Arrested Development episode "Family Ties", G.O.B. and George Sr. both hook up (not at the same time) with the same prostitute (neither one realizes the other is seeing her) and go to bed with her multiple times (or maybe just skip straight to the crying) in the same hotel room. Both end up crouched at the foot of the bed, venting their inadequacies as she sits above them, looking bored.note 
  • In the Lucifer (2016) episode "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness", a man named Justin went around claiming to be Lucifer Morningstar to get free drinks and pick up chicks. He ends up making Lucifer look bad in the process, one particular grievance being that he ends sex quickly and cries afterwards.
  • In Orphan Black, Delphine quietly sheds tears after having sex with Cosima. It is her first sexual encounter with another woman and she reassures Cosima: "it's okay, I cry after sex with boys too."
  • In season 7 of Sons of Anarchy Jax cries after having sex with Winsome. It's the first time he's had sex since his wife, Tara, was murdered and it's particularly poignant as Jax is generally a very aggressive, macho character.
  • In Twin Peaks, one of Bobby Briggs' most humiliating secrets is that he cried after the first time him and Laura Palmer had sex and that Laura laughed at him for it. Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, who had been secretly counseling Laura for six months before she was murdered, uses his knowledge of this to press Bobby for information about what happened to Laura prior to her death.

  • Several Japanese fables work with the assumption that sex had for honest reasons will always produce tears. There is often a character who is dishonest and hides a container of water in their sleeve to create the illusion of tears.

  • The song "Why I Cry" by Ninja Sex Party is about Danny Sexbang trying to pick up a woman that "only dates nice guys." He goes on to explain how "sensitive" and "romantic" he is, culminating in the fact that he is so sensitive, that not only does he cry after sex, but he also cries during sex, before sex and even when he sees something that reminds him of sex.
  • In The Lonely Island song "I Just Had Sex" the singers celebrate having sex for the first time; they either don't recognize or don't care that it wasn't very good. Among other things, one singer admits he "cried the whole time, (Doesn't matter, had sex!)"

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • In the Family Guy episode "The Fat Guy Strangler", a Cutaway Gag features Peter just after having sex with a rhino. Peter asks the rhino "why wouldn't you look at me during?" The rhino just gets out of the bed and walks away, leaving Peter to cry by himself.
    • In "Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure", Stewie tries to help Stu lose his virginity to his coworker Fran. He sort-of succeeds, but Stu is so pathetic that Fran leaves unsatisfied, Stu having cried for 40 minutes after intercourse (which itself lasted for 8 seconds.)


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