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Alexandre Astier (born 16 June 1974 in Lyon) is a French actor, humorist, writer, director, voice actor and musician.

He's best known for creating the Arthurian Legend parody series Kaamelott, and for playing the main role in it. He is also directing a theatrical film based on the series that has been Saved from Development Hell, due to release in 2021.

He also directed the first two CGI animated Asterix films, The Mansions of the Gods and The Secret of the Magic Potion.


Tropes from his works:

  • Captain Obvious: One of his one-man shows is centered around Johann Sebastian Bach, inspired by a letter from Bach's wife where she wonders why her husband has been down in the dumps lately, and if maybe it might have something to do with the death of their newborn. Apparently losing 10 out of 20 children makes you a bit depressed, who knew?
  • The Comically Serious: One of the main tropes to qualify his King Arthur, as well as several of his other roles, in a nutshell.
  • Real-Life Relative: His own parents Lionnel Astier and Joelle Sevilla plays the role of Léodagan and Seli (Arthur's in-laws) in Kaamelott, while Arthur's mother is played by his mother-in-law and his half-brother plays Arthur's brother-in-law (confused yet?)
  • Surrounded by Idiots: His King Arthur is the Only Sane Man at the court of Kaamelott, a trait that shows up in his other roles (notably in the CGI Asterix movies).


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