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Fisher Stevens (born Steven Fisher, November 27, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actor.

He has appeared in a large variety of roles on stage and screen since he was a teenager, and won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2010 for co-producing The Cove. But he's perhaps best remembered for playing an Indian despite being Caucasian (complete with phony Indian accent) in Short Circuit and for dating Michelle Pfeiffer for three years.

He married producer Alexis Bloom in 2017, and they have two children together. He is also good friends with actor Rob Morrow and they regularly ski together.

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  • Kavorka Man: There's a reason Fisher is a character actor instead of a leading man, but if he's mentioned in media, it tends to be because of the time he dated Michelle Pfeiffer, with Penn Jillette having referred to him as "the pussy-getting-est man alive" ("I mean, look at the guy, and then think to yourself, 'He shared a bed with Michelle Pfeiffer!'").note